Wife Gives Husband Birthday Gift, Husband’s Reaction Is So Sad


Do you ever feel your partner should appreciate you more?

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Wife Gives Husband Birthday Gift, Husband's Reaction Is So Sad
Wife Gives Husband Birthday Gift, Husband's Reaction Is So Sad

Do you ever feel your partner should appreciate you more? Watch this video where a husband learns a lesson in appreciation from his wife.

3 Comments for "Wife Gives Husband Birthday Gift, Husband’s Reaction Is So Sad"

  • Rochelle

    Your awesome i learn everything from you. In me in my parter fight in i been trying to get him to stop cheating on me since we had a baby. He cheated on me with a 18 year old in high school. When i been there since day 1 for him and he saids i have to compete against her to win him back. When i didnt cheat i sent some of your videos to make him realize in all he saids thats it’s touching. But still dont care. How can i get my old funny relationship back after having postparter depression. How can i make him forgive me when i got mad at him for cheating on me. He dont see his wrongs just my wrongs. I cook for him, i ran bath water i clean the house. He suppose to take my son with him after Christmas he has a narcissistic attuitide. He use to treat me so right. In i accuse him of cheating when i knew he was. In it hurts in i dont know what to do about it. I have a son with him but 2 steps girls that i been there for its not easy being a mom of 3. In he ignores me in plays videos games. I just want attention in a happy family. In he dont see it cause he worried about making the 18 year old high school happy

    Posted Dec 3rd
  • Lucas lee mero

    Wow wow that’s it ,I’m crying tears of joy were have you been guys .truly speak you change my marriage life thanks. I need to be part of your group.

    Posted Oct 12th
  • leegin mae

    thank u.its really nice.

    Posted Oct 5th

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