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Before spreading rumors about someone watch this story to see the consequences of spreading rumors. When we say hurtful things about someone, you must realize you’ll never be able to get those words back. We should always take a step back and look at all the scenarios of what we are about to say before we say the wrong thing.

When we speak negatively about someone, it may just feel like words and comments. We may feel as if our words are harmless and no one will ever find out what you said. But in reality, your words can tear someone into pieces, causing someone so much pain and suffering that those pieces can never be put back together. We can also never take our words back. If we can’t speak well of someone, than the best thing is to not say nothing at all. If we cannot be masters of our mouth, then we can end up to slaves of our words. Most importantly, remember when your feet slip, you can always recover your balance. But when your tongue slips, you can never recover your words.

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1 Comments for "Why You Shouldn’t Spread Rumors | Dhar Mann"

  • Kent Jensen

    Gossip is cruel, but just as bad are those who just blindly buy it and don’t find out for themselves. Yes, once anyone has spoken and their words have been heard it’s easier to put shaving cream back in the can through the original exit than get the words back. Of course the rumor spreader can turn over and admit publicly he/she was wrong and the victim should forgive for his/her own sake but I don’t blame the victim if they never trust the spreader again. Of course the ultimate revenge against anyone who’s spread rumors is to go out and through action expose the gossip as the lies it is. Also, instead of buying rumors find out the truth for yourself.

    Posted Mar 22nd

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