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Do you think about the consequences of labeling others before judging people by their appearances? This motivational short story on why we should never label others shows that sometimes the person we’re trying to avoid, may just be the biggest blessing in our life. Don’t be quick to judge and stop labeling others today to start improving your interactions with people you encounter in life.

At times all of us have formed opinions of others without really knowing their story. Even the most intelligent and open minded people make judgment about others. Many times we are not even aware of the judgements about others we’re making, because we make them subconsciously. So why do we need to stop labeling and stereotyping others? To start, the effects of labeling others can affect our behavior, such as how far we stand from someone, whether we make eye contact, speak to them or see them as a threat.  It’s important to be aware of these judgments, because in realty they say more about who we are then who the other person is.


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1 Comments for "Why We Shouldn’t Label Others | Dhar Mann"

  • Kent Jensen

    I figured this out a long time ago and do my best not to label people. It’s ok to think someone might be what they seem but give them the benefit of the doubt. If anyone labels me I don’t let it bother me. Some labels I wear with pride like goody two shoes.

    Posted Mar 22nd

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