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We say this all the time, but it can’t be stressed enough. Life is short and it’s important to show appreciation for those around you. Whether it’s a loved one, a family member, or friend, it’s easy to think about all the people we care about. 

No matter how you choose to express your emotions – a sweet card, flowers, a spontaneous trip – sometimes the best gift of all is your presence and attention. I’ve put together my top videos below that focus on love and relationships, I hope you enjoy them!

The Sweetest Proposal That Will Melt Your Heart

There’s no greater feeling than doing something special for someone you love. That excitement in their face, that sparkle in their eye, that smile from ear to ear – those are things that make life so special. This proposal showed that love can outlast the bad times.

How To Avoid Taking Your Partner For Granted

One of the most basic needs we have is a desire to be appreciated. We get used to certain things being done for us that we don’t recognize the effort being put into them. Appreciate your partner by acknowledging their work and you will be appreciated in return. 

Husband’s Unconditional Love For His Wife 

Unconditional love is loving others without any rules or expectations. In this video we see the everlasting love this husband has for his wife that never stopped, no matter how bad things were. This video shows the real meaning of loving someone “in sickness and in health.”

How To Know If Someone Loves You 

There’s no greater happiness in life than the feeling to love and be loved. Love is simply putting someone’s happiness before our own. This video shows that we should hold onto someone that we would sacrifice anything for. 

Husband and Wife Swap Roles: Lesson in Appreciation

Sometimes the best way to appreciate someone is to put yourself in their shoes. We get so caught up in our own head, that we stop noticing the people getting us ahead. A little appreciation can go a long way. 

How To Stop Making Someone Feel Insecure In A Relationship

When we don’t get outer security, it can quickly turn into insecurity. Praise your partner by complimenting them, noticing the small details and paying more attention because we all just want to feel special.

Dhar Mann and Laura G: Reasons Why Couples Should Travel Together

Couples that travel together end up with a stronger relationship for so many reasons. You learn about your partner, you build teamwork, you create memories, and you appreciate each other. Whatever you learn about each other while traveling, will transfer into your life at home.

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20 Comments for "Top Relationship & Love Videos"

  • Grace

    I had a chance to show my friend’s mother one of your videos and her marriage is restored
    Now they are happy ever after

    Posted Apr 21st
  • Zabeh

    Your videos are always inspirational and at top dhar mann. ?

    Posted Apr 21st
  • Saba

    These messages are all upon trust and understanding between our partners. If we lack trust and understanding nothing can help us from falling. Dhar Mann messages are giving positivity to our environment which can help each and every individual to understand what they lack of in their life. These can help to many of us in many different ways. We just need to understand.

    Posted Apr 20th
  • shafeequa

    your video’s are always amazing and the best part is the end of the video of motivational message from you❤️ am learing and hoping to apply all of the things learned from you to put in my own life?? Because at the end its just the family that matters❤️thankyou dharmann god bless you ,laura and all of your team member the hardwork you all putting in ,to make difference and reach through us?

    Posted Apr 20th
  • Samuel

    ?Wow impressive?

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Missy

    You must be the best person in the world wish alot more people had your understanding, and compassion, I have a bad relationship my partner talks bad of me mean and hateful to me puts me down all the time me and a friend was going to town one day my partner called wanted me to be at house when he got home I turned around went home my son said why we going back I told him he said but why my friend said cause he wants to see her my son said why he don’t care about her I felt like crawling in a hole

    Posted Apr 19th
  • kalaba Mathews chapatuka.

    I really like watching your videos,it’s really changing the world.

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Rispha

    The best part of all is the way you guys buld you love ,it’s a good example God bless you ?

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Michaeltremblay

    Your videos inspire me and made me cry of my memory’s I had win my wife and I were togeather and now she’s in heaven but I allways feel her love and I no she slices me and I love her allways

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Angelene

    Love all ur videos. Wish my husband’s follows them too so he can change too, to better our relationship.

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Asia Rosario

    Dear Dhar,
    I love watching your videos. They were really inspiring and every lesson in each situations/ videos are indeed valuable. I hope everyone watching your videos will touch their life where it suits to.
    Keep it up and continue to open the eyes of everyone with your videos. Thanks a lot Dhar ?

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Jodi Hart

    I love your videos they have helped me through alot of bad times keep doing what you do your a true inspiration

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Eidy

    When my hubby & I got engaged I chose a ring with a small diamond because I knew he had a lot of money due for his college degree. I told him the ring is a symbol of our love & I appreciate whatever I get! He spoils me & gets me the gift I love. If money is a issue I don’t worry about my gift , my husband is the greatest gift of all!

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Pihu

    Hey Dhar,
    Love from India??
    I am living in a country where most of the marriages are done based on religion and caste. This is the worst thing which I hate in my country, even though we try to make understand our parents about this, they are most concern on what people think.
    I want you to make a video about this, through your platform I want all that people who had thinking like this to change their mind, bcoz it sucks if you are in relationship and you won’t get acceptance from your parents just bcoz he/ she is from different religion or caste?

    Posted Mar 30th
  • Pihu

    Love your stories Dhar ♥️

    Posted Mar 30th
  • Trish Herbert

    I’ve had three serious relationships in my life. None of them worked. I found out I’m ok with being by myself. I’m not lonely & I don’t need or want a partner. I have a dog (chihuahua)and was found by Jesus. That’s all I need. He or my dog will never forsake me. That’s all I need. Your videos are inspiring and more people need to view them. This world is filled with hatred. These videos are prescriptions for the heart!

    Posted Mar 29th
  • Ashley

    Wife and husband switch roles! It helps understand why couples fight over simple things! Couples need to realize they both work hard! Should appreciate what they got!

    Posted Mar 28th
  • Mhalou lizardo villegas

    Amizing loved your video dhar mann

    Posted Mar 27th
  • Margolinklater

    I love watching your videos , really picked up alot

    Posted Mar 27th
  • Susan

    Wonderful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Pure love ❤️❤️❤️????

    Posted Mar 27th

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