Tips To Raise Your Credit Score | Increase Your Credit Score Quickly


Improve your credit score by following these easy tips to build a higher credit score. Start raising your FICO Score to reap the benefits of a healthy credit score. Understanding your credit score is VERY IMPORTANT! I’m hoping my video will help you know how to raise your credit score to lower your student loan interest rates, lower interest rates on credit cards, buy a house, buy a car or for any other items a good credit score is needed. Having good credit habits is also just important for your financial health.

You will need to monitor your credit score to find problems early before they get out of hand. Monitoring your credit closely will help you discover inaccuracies, avoid identify theft and minimize problems before they get bigger.

I mentioned 5 quick and easy ways to increase your credit score fast as well as the 3 credit bureaus that make up our credit score (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) see below to start the process of raising your credit score.

  1. Recognize the importance 1:02
  2. Start early 1:22
  3. Managing balances 1:48
  4. Enroll in autopay 2:12
  5. Monitor credit monthly 2:36

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