This Poor Woman Is Trying To See Her Daughter On Her Birthday


This poor woman is trying to see her daughter on her birthday. The way this man treats her will make you cry ?

We all go through difficult times, times where it feels like a struggle just to keep our heads above water. Each person struggles differently and we never really know what someone is going through. Maybe they’re just trying to feed their family or to keep a roof over their head, or they’re just trying to get to someone they love. We all face difficult times in our lives and we shouldn’t be so quick to judge others. Especially, when we don’t know their circumstances. Because one day we may find ourselves needing the help of a stranger, so we should always be the kind of person we wish we had if we were going through a tough time.

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1 Comments for "This Poor Woman Is Trying To See Her Daughter On Her Birthday"

  • Mele Tupou 'Epenisa

    I learn more from your video Dhar Mann love it.

    Posted Mar 31st

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