This Daughter Won’t Accept Adopted Sister, Ending Is Shocking


You don’t have to be related to be family.

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This Daughter Won’t Accept Adopted Sister, Ending Is Shocking
This Daughter Won’t Accept Adopted Sister, Ending Is Shocking

You don't have to be related to be family.

9 Comments for "This Daughter Won’t Accept Adopted Sister, Ending Is Shocking"

  • jalen

    dhar man you are the best i want to be like you you inspire a lot of people and thats what i like about you dhar your a great guy thanks ffor everthing dhar man

    Posted Nov 23rd
  • Doreen Berceles

    relate because I have a brother and he is adopted by our parents because he have sick at 6th months and now he is 33 years old and we treated him as a true brother

    Posted Nov 16th
  • Demitra

    Thank you for what you’re doing in people’s lives. I had a very rough life growing up from very younge through adult hood. Although God is so good. Some people don’t know or understand. Sho thank you for spreading the message

    Posted Nov 14th
  • Annie Vegafria

    I would like to have one of those iPhone, preferrably a red on… Thank you and be safe

    Posted Nov 14th
  • Nicole Su'a

    Wow that was amazing great job dhar mann keep up the good work and pls make more

    Posted Nov 14th
  • Deborah Mendoza

    That’s my story my brother was adopted first than me.

    Posted Nov 14th
  • Tracy *.*

    I want more video

    Posted Nov 14th
  • Tracy *.*

    I love all your videos

    Posted Nov 14th

    amazing video dhar

    Posted Nov 14th

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