The Sweetest Proposal That Will Melt Your Heart


The ultimate Valentine’s Day surprise… a romantic boyfriend gives his girlfriend a special surprise for Valentine’s Day. The marriage proposal at the end with the ring will leave you in tears ?

There’s no greater feeling than doing something special for someone you love. The excitement on their face, that sparkle in their eye, the goosebumps on their skin and that smile from ear to ear – that’s the kind of stuff that makes life so special. In life we all go through ups and downs. Life can be pretty amazing during the good times, but those good times don’t last forever. Life can be really exciting when there’s enough money, but that prosperity doesn’t last forever. Life can feel really great during healthy times, but good health also doesn’t last forever. But love, regardless if the good times die, the money disappears or the health fades – LOVE can last forever.

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1 Comments for "The Sweetest Proposal That Will Melt Your Heart"

  • Corinna hayes

    That is so romantic and sweet who are the actors that played the girl and her loving boyfriend?

    Posted Dec 12th

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