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97 Comments for "Text Dhar Mann At (213) 212-4550"

  • Bhumika

    Hello dhar mann bro , i was like watching your videos since 2 years i was very much addicted to your videos i cam to know a lots of things from your videos, i am from india . i would love to act in your as like i am little fat i was really connected to the videos which were like related to me .if its possible i would like to act in your videos. as i am from india i am unable to text u dhar mann bro.

    Posted Mar 18th
  • Daniela Perez

    hi im daniela ur vids had ispired me to not hate my dad even tho he broke my heart god have gave u kindness to ispired ppl to be nice and feel like diffrent is good and what do i do is u feel invisible?

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Milka

    Hi omg i love ur vids and ur look cool

    Posted Jul 28th
  • Jaden chua

    Hi do u have WhatsApp dhar

    Posted Jul 16th
  • Kenneth Dennis

    You are about to see a new story coming into my life. Your videos have made me want to make my own life change for the better. You are about to see a new story to share on how I changed my life for the better because I am taking the plunge as a writer of Sci-Fiction novels.

    I am going to tell all the doubters and haters that I am shaking off all of their negativity and making something of myself. I am going to show everyone that I am the best when it comes down to this field and I am going beyond anything to make sure it is accomplished.

    Posted Jul 15th
  • Phoebe

    Hi Dhar Mann! I love your video’s even when I have watched them 4 or 5 times, they are so inspiring and I love them so much, I wish I could audition :))
    Have a blessed day/night πŸ¦‹

    Posted Jul 13th
  • Kiley

    Hi Dhar Mann you and your videos are so inspirational I love the videos and they are heart warming I watch them everyday they are AMAZING! Love them so much!

    Posted Jul 12th
  • Hatheem

    I told my mom to get me a PS4 to play games like fortnite and all my friends make fun of me for not having a PS4 and they call me poor

    Posted Jul 12th
  • Stacy

    ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ I love your videos

    Posted Jul 12th
  • Ahmad Hariri

    Dear Dhar Mann,

    When I was 4 years old , my mother passed away …. To this day, my stepmother tells me that this is supposed to be a motivational to me …. I always feel she’s against me , and I’m not sure how to act about it.

    Thank you

    Posted Jul 9th
  • Winter Harmon

    Family members may have mistreated during our childhood for whatever reason, but we have to know that we can’t use that memory of mistreatment as an excuse for destroying our own lives and not succeeding in life. Always remember your happiness depends on you and quitting is not an option.

    Posted Jul 8th
  • celeste emamdie

    hi Dhar Mann I love your vidoes and my brother I am 10 and he’s 9 . I want act in your videos good night.

    Posted Jul 8th
  • laney

    i love your video and you are so good at video

    Posted Jul 8th
  • Joanna

    Hi dhar I love ur videos.ur videos are awesome
    I love it so much I could watch it for my whole life:)

    Posted Jul 2nd
  • Noe

    your awesome

    Posted Jul 1st
  • Noe

    Hi I just wanna say I really enjoy the videos

    Posted Jul 1st
  • Aaron

    Hey Man! I just wanted to say that I love your videos and their really inspirational. I’m only 11 and I think some of the videos are very helpful. Thank you for theses helpful and inspirational videos!

    Posted Jun 23rd
  • Basmah

    Hi omg i am crying πŸ˜“

    Posted Jun 22nd
  • Sully

    Your videos changed my life thank you dhar

    Posted Jun 20th
  • Sully

    Your videos changed my life thank you share

    Posted Jun 20th
  • Cc

    Hey your video help me so much u knpw I’m adopted and it was so hard on me and I know I’m not ment to be commenting but I would love if I could get your number and talk without my parents knowing for a while

    Posted Jun 3rd
  • Kay

    Dhar Mann thank you so much. Your videos are what inspire me to keep pushing on even when life gets tough. I look forward to every video you make. Keep going and continue to do what you do best.

    Posted Jun 2nd
  • gianna

    hi i love your videos

    Posted Jun 1st
  • ok

    I love your videos your an inspiration your awesome idk what i would do without you!!!!

    Posted May 27th
  • Barbara

    Help I really need to send a video of yours to my girl friend and her husband today. Its their 31 Anniversary and things are not great. I want to inspire them with your video, but can’t figure out how to share it or forward it. I even tried to save it and nothing. Can someone please help the video is “The Sweetest Proposal That Will Melt Your Heart.” That’s what I hoping to do if I can get it to send, share or forward. Help Me Please……………….

    Posted May 27th
  • minty paws

    Wow your video inspired me!! With kindness and love i really love your loving heart warming videos!!!! My favorite one was the one when you said don’t take your culture for granted

    Posted May 21st
  • Komolakshi

    Your videos are the best thing I’ve ever seen. It helps us change lives and they are based on real life people sometimes especially the one about Nas Daily where he quit his job and in to create videos about other people.

    Posted May 13th
  • Kimberley

    ….. thank you for providing in so many ways with your videos, ” people should help people”, ” you should treat another as you would want treated” , in words this sounds simple but as you continue to show using different scenarios sometimes it takes real life lessons to learn the truth, it can take a real life experience to really “get it”! Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your own personal journey along with such inspirational videos. You Sir are an example of what a good man isπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

    Posted May 13th
  • Atim Udonnah

    You’re indeed changing lives. I must say you’re a genius. More hug less suicide

    Posted May 9th
  • Emma

    You should never take anything for granted. And if you do you don’t know what your missing out on.

    Posted May 7th
  • Gnuon

    You videos are life changing.
    I do like them

    Posted Apr 21st
  • Justina Lingafelt

    Hello I just got wanted to say you are a wonderful person n I believe that a person must go through some struggles in their life to truly learn how to be a strong individual. You made your struggles to become something great!! That’s what I’m saying n I’m also trying to turn my struggles into even half as great as you have would satisfy me thx again for your videos love them n you for doing itπŸ’–

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Shauna

    Hi dhar I’m Shauna and I am one of your biggest fans and I love your videos

    Posted Apr 17th
  • Dhar


    Posted Apr 14th
  • Mohamed

    Thank you so much for your inspirational videos, Egypt

    Posted Apr 7th
  • Judith Onyango

    Your stories have really motivates and encourage me very much, am asingle mom of one child and have been through a lot, neglected, being abused, but haven’t loose hope, I know one day I will achieve something in life and please thank you very much for you inspire me very much

    Posted Apr 7th
  • Judith Onyango

    Your videos are really amazing and changing lives , since I started watching them they are really changing lives big up πŸ‘ŒπŸ™

    Posted Apr 7th
  • Kaye

    Thank you for all the stories some day I will tell you mine thru encouragement through new friends and and caring counselors at a homeless shelter my husband I stay. We had no friends there until my husband found a job and started raining a little bit of money to get us out of that shelter and was seeking a second part-time job while I was still looking my husband was killed while we were living in the shelter and I was left with little money and no job and no home 2 months after my husband was killed I got a job offer and I took it is to encourage mint for my new friends I got out of the shelter found a place of my own to help with my supervisor where I work at. When my husband was killed one of my sisters who is dying from cancer let me come and stay with her for a few days and I still didn’t have a job but I knew I had to get back to the shelter cuz it was on the bus line and while I was working my sister passed even though she was dying from cancer she helped me as much as she could. I do remember something bad happened to me when I just got no homework and I got me a dinner to take back with me when I stepped off the bus there is his gentleman that was sitting there and he said that looks good and it smells good I asking sir are you hungry and he said yes and I gladly gave you my dinner and I ate what they were serving at the someone did ask me why did I do that and I came back and told them Jesus said when I was hungry you fed me disciples ask him when did we see you hungry and feed you Jesus said when you have done to the least of these my brethren you’ve done it unto me and I remember my mama telling me we never know when you could be entertaining an angel

    Posted Mar 30th
  • Sofia Lewison

    Hello! I think your an inspiration to a lot of people, I hope you continue your acts of kindness through your videos and however else you do. I just thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite quotes: dirty hands are a sign of creativity. What this means to me is that everyone can make something feel like puppies and rainbows or they can make it feel like an erupting volcano. The other side of the moral to me means: creativity can be messy but is rewarding. I love writing it has gotten me through SOOO much. I hope you can use this quote someday..

    PS: you rock

    Posted Mar 29th
  • Nada

    Hi Dhar, I wish I could talk to you private but I guess it is impossible, if you can I would be thankful. The problem is that I am talented, beautiful and worth it but I just do not feel this. I just can not feel it I don’t love myself and I always put myself in comparison. I am never happy I am just fed up and wish to be happy I wish to love myself. Add more videos about that topic please.

    Posted Mar 27th
  • Ngekasora Uremena

    Hi Dhar man! Thanks for the messages you sent us through those videos, truly it changed life. God bless you and your team.

    Posted Mar 24th
  • Shannon templin

    Hi my name is Shannon I need to talk to you about my ex boyfriend George please help me out

    Posted Mar 24th
  • Angelie

    I am very inspired , in your touching and inspiring message..through your videos…Thank you very much!
    God bless you!

    Posted Mar 22nd
  • Prudence

    U are such an amazing man. God Bless u for the many lives u are changing, particularly mine. Each day am encouraged and working towards getting better. Your biggest fan all the way from Zambia.thank u

    Posted Mar 22nd
  • Tesa Nyiriak Aliriech

    Hello, I really like your messages, they are wonderful. I would like to know if humility is what got you where you are because most of your videos teaches us to be humble.

    Posted Mar 20th
  • Sarah

    Dp you ever travel or are you mainly in California? I only ask cause I live in Florida

    Posted Mar 20th
  • Dolores Glaspie

    Hi I’m Dolores Glaspie and I love your video’s

    Posted Mar 20th
  • Lonni Schicker

    Hi Dhar
    I binge watch your videos when i need inspiration and always come away with a much better outlook. I speak around the country about early alzheimers and the stigma of dementia. People can be very cruel to the elderly and i have had some awful and some amazingly good experiences. I hope that you will consider this as a video topic.

    Posted Mar 20th
  • Anna

    I’m from Namibia and I enjoy watching your videos a lot,they really gives me more reasons not to give up on my life,no matter how hard it gets. Thank you Soo much for being there for the world.

    Posted Mar 19th
  • Angie

    I like all your videos they are awesome and i share them for everyone to see but then I get this comment and it says u win… I know its scammers but i would def check into that because someone has a Facebook trying to act like you.

    Posted Mar 19th
  • Rakesh

    Your videos are really life changing ones ……. They give great inspiration. Thank you for posting such videos.

    Posted Mar 19th
  • Humaira

    Dhar Mann, you are so inspirational. I love to watch your videos and from everyone of them I learned something new and to be more appreciative. Thank you so much for making the world a better place.
    Your biggest fan, Humaira

    Posted Mar 18th
  • nkem ugwu

    Am one your fan from Nigeria and I’ve your inspirational clips have changed my life a lot. Thanks a lot for changing lives but please try to add me in your give away cos I really need it

    Posted Mar 18th
  • Venessha Reddy

    Love from Malaysia πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ ✨

    Posted Mar 18th
  • Rashmi

    Hy I am from nepal you are so to good😍😍😘😘

    Posted Mar 18th
  • Nwachi fister lkechukwu

    Am learning alot on your videos may God bless your good work and keep on sending for us to learn,,

    Posted Mar 17th
  • Sarita k.c

    Hi Dhar mann I am from Nepal I love your all videos

    Posted Mar 16th
  • Audrey Ortiz

    hi mister dharmnn i love yr shows i am from belize central america jus lettting u now u have a lot of fans over here it inspire me a lot keep up the good work

    Posted Mar 16th
  • Michael

    Dhar I want to say that words cannot express how much your videos have inspired me to get up and so something wirh my life. I was homeless and suicideal and now thanks to you I now have a roof over my head and food to eat. My life has done a 360 compared to what it once was. So thank you for everything.

    Posted Mar 16th
  • Manikandan

    How I will get up in my life . I want to get job from abroad but not yet so. I am from india.

    Posted Mar 15th

    Hello idol Dhar Mann..πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹I just wanna say I love the way you help to guide all people in the world. By the way I am from Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte.😍 I always encountered low network in our place that why I am sad because I can’t view your newly videos.

    Posted Mar 14th
  • Dorian

    Hi. I am really glad to have come across your videos.

    I think it gives some light, especially during these times. It would also be great to see some regarding disabilities, especially ones that may not be visible. I have MS and though now, I walk with a cane and a brace (brace is for arthritis) you used to not know looking at me and I felt that it could have been assumed it was because I am an overweight person and have been all my life.

    Thank you again.

    Posted Mar 13th
  • Raniel A Que

    hi sir.. I like all your videos including your Inspirational story. godbless contact me sir. this is my watsapp number 09975973488

    Posted Mar 13th
  • Raniel A Que

    hi sir.. ilove all your videos including your Inspirational story. godbless pla contact me sir. this is my watsapp number 09975973488

    Posted Mar 13th
  • Blessing Sithole

    Hie Dhar Mann, i do like your video and your inspiring massage to the people , please tex me on {0027}837990917,

    Posted Mar 11th
  • Azmina Hussain

    I like watch you video that are good and I like it.

    Posted Mar 8th
  • Sarah Efanga

    Hyy,I love your messages

    Posted Mar 7th
  • Ems

    its very inspiring and touching vedios..love it , sometimes Im crying while watching,i want to win, but i dont have credit card,how can it be.. God bless you Dhar..more blessing to share..

    Posted Mar 6th
  • Johnny Fakes

    hi dhar i love your videos you are amazing from johnny

    Posted Mar 5th
  • Radhika

    Dhar I am your biggest fan from india.i have followed you on each and everything but just unable to text you on your number.what should I do?

    Posted Mar 2nd
  • Nasuna Joan

    I like your videos very much thank you for teaching us how are things going

    Posted Mar 2nd
  • Norton Brain

    To be honest am where am I today because of your inspiration you did Dahr man I do know how I can thank you but i will ask almighty God to still bless you and your family

    Posted Mar 1st
  • Donna Ezrol

    Hey, Dhar
    I have been watching many of the videos that you produce. They are wonderful. But, there is a absence of any issues that represent any LGBTQ people.
    Especially, LGBTQ youth. The suicide rate for teens, homelessness, and the general PTSD that comes with being.

    Posted Feb 29th
  • Juliemar jammang

    Hi dhar mann

    Posted Feb 26th
  • Mary Nichter

    Hey Dhar! I love seeing & sharing your videos! They say so much, have meaning to do with everyday life! You do a great service helping others Dhar! You’re awesome!

    Posted Feb 26th
  • Andrew Cabrera

    Your channel is a great place for people to be happy and learn a lesson. Also you are the best person ever.

    Posted Feb 25th
  • Linda

    Hi Darmann ever since I started following your videos my life has changed drastically very inspiring and motivational just loving it thank you

    Posted Feb 25th
  • Sandun Silva

    I would like to wish you and your wife and also your baby girl a happy life ,Oh my God I saw the Gender reveal video and was super exited. That is a Baby Girl.She will be defiantly pretty like her Mother and brave and great like her father.

    Posted Feb 22nd
  • Silvia

    Love your videos they make me cry

    Posted Feb 21st
  • ashzman

    hye dhar mann

    Posted Feb 19th

    Hi Dhar , sending u loads of love from India .. ur videos inspire me alot I watch atleast 2 videos a day . It motivates me alot . Ur doing a great job

    Posted Feb 19th
  • Vincy Victor

    Iam gretful for your videos may God bless you and your work in whatever you do

    Posted Feb 18th
  • Pauline Bargor

    Hi Dhar I started following ur video and they are so love it give me more courage to live

    Posted Feb 9th
  • Semhar

    Just wanna say I love your videos some are very powerful messages thank you

    Posted Feb 9th
  • Manish Tandon

    Hi Dhar, I have recently started following your videos and I must say that they are so inspirational. You are doing a great work and I respect you for that. Hats off sir.

    Posted Jan 31st
  • chris morkli

    hi boss you are a great man. am actually lost of word to explain how your videos are greatly transforming my life. God richly bless u. pls i will like to be more close to you than you think how do i do that my contacts 0552511943 Ghana

    Posted Jan 23rd
  • Yolanda Johnson

    I love your videos some of them bring tears to my eyes

    Posted Dec 31st
  • Jessie Spriggs Williams

    Wow!! Your videos teach me about the magic word FORGIVENESS!!

    Posted Dec 24th
  • Jessie Spriggs

    Wow!! Your videos teach me about the magic word FORGIVENESS!!

    Posted Dec 24th
  • Ravi verma

    I am your biggest fan from India Dhar Mann bro I really love to watch all ur videos they really inspire me and teach the lessons of living life happily… God bless you brother….

    Posted Dec 23rd
  • Lloyd Woodbury

    Look forward to chatting with you

    Posted Dec 23rd
  • Leon Lipschitz

    Your clips are AWESOME
    The actors convey the messages such sincerity and passion believing every word they are saying
    All your messages hit straight to the bone in so many ways and are so inspirational
    Where can one send messages to you about their personal experiences so you can turn them into inspirational clips to inspire and help others

    Posted Dec 22nd
  • Annie Agee

    Hello, it’s a blessing to see that people’s can still learn to apologise when they’ve been rude.

    Posted Dec 22nd
  • YG

    Iam from somalia live in Germany but lwanth see you Wan is possible

    Posted Dec 22nd
  • Mohammad

    Hi like your all videos and it is really helping people for understanding our life and I appreciate to you making that kind of video helping for people. Best of luck and Thank you so much.

    Posted Dec 21st
  • Nwanma Oge

    Your video’s has changed so many life’s. It inspires me alot.keep up the good work.we all admires youand your entire crew. Happy xmas in Advance.

    Posted Dec 21st
  • Angel

    Hi Dhar! Idk what to do with my brother. He hates my father for what the father did to us. He was untreated well. I dont know if its abusing, my father did that to help us discipline ourselves. We were punished, spanked a belt/bamboo and etc. My brother shift 4 times in college and I ask him why. And then he blamed my father

    Posted Dec 21st

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