Married life

How Love Changes Over Time

Do you feel your relationship has changed over time? If so you’ll want to watch this story about growing together as couple and how love changes over time. A healthy relationship is two individuals working together. A strong relationship is when two individuals create something deeper and better than themselves, yet they are still themselves.

Wife Kicks Out Mother-In-Law Then Learns A Heartbreaking Truth

 If you have a mother-in-law, treat her how you’d hope your significant other would treat your mom. Relationships with mother-in-laws can tough, especially when everyone’s living together. But even when things aren’t working out so great it’s still important to treat each other with respect. A wife may be living with a man, but

Married Man Teaches Newlywed A Lesson He’ll Never Forget

 The best relationships are not 70/30, not 60/40, not even 50/50. A true partnership is 100% them and 100% you. See what a true partnership looks like in a relationship as a married man teaches a newlywed a lesson that he’ll never forget. Sometimes in relationships we can get really comfortable with one person

How To Stop Making Someone Feel Insecure In A Relationship

Have you ever felt insecure in a relationship? There are many signs you’re insecure in a relationship and realizing you have an insecurity is the first step to communicating with your partner to fix this. Most of the time your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife don’t realize how their actions affect a partner in a

How To Avoid Taking Your Partner For Granted | Relationship Goals

Learn how to recognize whether or not you’re taking your partner for granted and if you are, how to stop taking your relationship for granted. Whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife these signs you are taking for partner for granted should not go unnoted.  Sometimes the most obvious things are the most difficult

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