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Dhar Mann and Laura G: Dream Vacation GIVEAWAY

dhar mann and laura g dream vacation giveaway

We are so thankful for all of the love our supporters have shown us. As many of you know, Laura and I are always looking for opportunities to give back. And when we were traveling on a recent trip we received a lot of messages from people saying they wish they could travel with their

Dhar Mann and Laura G: Creating a Lasting Relationship

dhar mann and laura g on vacation

Dhar Mann and Laura G, love at first sight?   Subscribe To Dhar and Laura’s Vlog Channel here!   Dhar Mann and Laura G like to joke about how “they got married the day they met.” And there’s a really good story behind that. They met when Dhar was just beginning his company LiveGlam, a

Taking My Girlfriend To Meet Mariah Carey – If You Love Someone WATCH THIS

  Have you ever cared for someone so deeply, that you’ll do anything for them? What if you could introduce your loved one to someone they’ve admired the most, other than you? This is my story of taking my girlfriend Laura Gurrola to meet Mariah Carey in Las Vegas. Create a memorable experience for the