Poor Son Teaches Rich Son What His Mom’s Money Can’t Buy

 Time is more valuable than money, you can always get more money, but you can never get more time. When you buy nice things for someone years later those things will have rusted or be forgotten about, but when you spend time with someone, years later those times turn into memories that can last

Poor Mom Teaches Rich Mom What Success Is All About

 Being successful won’t always make you happy, but being happy will always make you successful. Watch this inspirational video where a poor mom and her son show a rich mom why success doesn’t equal happiness. All of us know somebody who loves to compare their lives to others, to make it seem as if

What Children Can Teach Us About Kindness

 Did you know the key to happiness is helping others? Watch this inspirational life lesson from children that we can all learn from. This video shows how giving back to others and always being kind will make you and others around you happy. ❤️?? There’s something really exciting about unwrapping a present. The idea