Rich Friend Brags To Poor Friend Then Lives To Regret Her Decision

 Sometimes people can get so excited about all of the great things going on in their life that they completely miss all of the bad things going on in someone else’s life. ? THANK YOU for 4M followers on FB & 600k on YouTube ? We’re spreading positivity all around the world with your

Just Because They Smile At You Doesn’t Mean They’re Happy For You

 Be careful of the company you keep. When it comes to friends, having 4 quarters is better than 100 pennies ? There’s three things you should always protect – your energy, your name and your company. Just because they’re clapping for you, doesn’t mean they want the best for you. And just because they’re

Just Because They Hug You Doesn’t Mean They Love You

 Having one fake friend, is more dangerous than having five real enemies. Just because they’ve been by your side, doesn’t mean they have your back. Just because they smile at you, doesn’t mean they’re happy for you. And just because they hug you, doesn’t mean they love you ??‍♀️??‍ The company we keep has