Dhar Mann

Don’t Miss The Dhar Mann Holiday Special On November 22nd

dhar mann holiday special 2020 four stories that will change your life

 We hope you loved the Thanksgiving special, excited to also show you The Dhar Mann Christmas Special: A December To Remember, it’s live now on my YouTube channel, watch here: https://youtu.be/RDBHlbQkIYY Hey #DharMannFam! I know this year has been tough for a lot of us. I always want my videos to be a source

Dhar Mann Launches Exclusive Merch!

dhar mann studios official merch

Hey #DharMannFam! So you see… I’ve been working hard on our official Dhar Mann Studios merch! I will release a few exclusive pieces each year, so make sure you grab them before they sell out! Click the button below to shop now! Shop Merch My famous video line “So you see…” has become a fan

Dhar Mann Studios Launches International Channels!

Dhar Mann international videos

Hola, Olá, हैलो, مرحبا #DharMannFam! I am so excited to share that Dhar Mann Studios is expanding to international audiences! We launched Español, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, German and French! We have such an amazing global audience that I want to make content that resonates with each person.  PLUS I know many of you have family members

Dhar Mann Giveaways

Dhar Mann Giveaways

Hey #DharMannFam! While I am so happy to offer giveaways to my amazing fans, I often get asked about the many fake profiles of me that are all over the Internet. So here’s some information about what my team is doing and where you can find my OFFICIAL profiles! If you see anyone message or

Dhar Mann On TikTok

Dhar Mann TikTok

Hey #DharMannFam! I’m super excited to announce that I’m now on TikTok! In addition to sharing our awesome videos that you already love, we are also creating original content for TikTok so we can reach even more people and change more lives. I’d love it if you followed me on TikTok! Who knows? You might

Dhar Mann Book

Hey there, it’s Dhar!  You may be here because you’ve seen a book with my picture on it featured in some of my videos. I’ve been busy planting these easter eggs throughout my content as a preview of what’s to come! Check out some cameo’s my book has made in my videos below: