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Rich Teens SHAME GIRL At THRIFT STORE, They Live To Regret It

rich teens shame girl at thrift store dhar mann video

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We Bought Our First Home!

Dhar Manns home in California

I am feeling more grateful than ever this month! My fiancée Laura, my baby Ella Rose and I just purchased our very first home! Just typing out these words doesn’t even feel real.  When Laura and I met, I was sharing a 350 square foot studio apartment with a roommate and sleeping on a couch.

Meet My Baby Ella Rose

  UPDATE: View Ella’s first birthday party! View our vlog and pictures of her here: https://www.dharmann.com/ella-roses-first-birthday-party/ and meet my newest baby girl, Myla Sky by watching the labor and delivery vlog HERE! Our baby girl is finally here and with God’s grace she is so perfect! After a long 9 months, Ella Rose Mann has

My 7-Day Proposal To Laura G

I am so happy to announce that Laura and I are engaged! I knew Laura was going to be a really special person in my life within minutes of meeting her. I wanted to have a proposal that she would always remember. So, I put together a 7 day scavenger hunt that started in Los

LiveGlam x Les Do Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Launch Party

As many of you know when I’m not creating motivational videos I’m busy with my other passion which is building my beauty subscription box LiveGlam. I founded LiveGlam with only $600 back in 2015 (all I had at the time) and grew it to $20M in revenue by our 3rd year of business. I’m so

Dhar Mann and Laura G: Creating a Lasting Relationship

dhar mann and laura g on vacation

Dhar Mann and Laura G, love at first sight?   Subscribe To Dhar and Laura’s Vlog Channel here!   Dhar Mann and Laura G like to joke about how “they got married the day they met.” And there’s a really good story behind that. They met when Dhar was just beginning his company LiveGlam, a