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What’s the cost of a mother’s love? This story is dedicated to all the mom’s in the world, because there’s no greater sacrifice in this world, then the sacrifice a mother makes for her child. Love and appreciate your mother for all she has done for your life.

There’s many sacrifices of being a mother that go unnoticed. Taking the time to think about what the price of a mothers love would be will give you a good reminder of everything a mom has to do that’s not only not paid for, it’s usually not even noticed.

Whether it’s the endless worrying or unconditional love. The early mornings or late nights. The constant work or lack of sleep. No words could describe the struggle our moms go through for us. From time to time, it may seem like our moms ask a lot from us, but when we think about how much they sacrifice for us, nothing we could ever do, would even compare.

What is a mother’s love? A mother’s love is a lifetime of love. Our moms sacrifice and dedicate their life to do what’s best for their children’s life. Whether it’s giving up your careers and dreams to give your children the best chance at success or staying up all night to make sure your kids get home safely. So the next time your mom is asking a lot from you, just remember what Shirley Caesar said in the song “No Charge” – the cost of real love is no charge. It’s already paid in full through the many sacrifices of a mother. Dads you also make many sacrifices for your children too, both parents make sacrifices – this story was to focus on mothers.

Leave a comment below on how much you appreciate your mom! Make sure your mom knows you appreciate everything she did for you in your life.

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4 Comments for "Sacrifices Mom’s Make for Their Children | Dhar Mann"

  • Lani Donaldson

    I send many thanks to heaven where my mama is!
    As a Mom now, I know what she sacrificed, how much she gave and how much she really loved me!

    Thank you Mama!

    Posted Nov 4th
  • Ruth hays

    I can relate to this subject as a mom and grand mother, kids don’t mean to be selfish but it’s our job to help them understand what they are doing wrong and teach them healthy skills to cope with all life’s journeys ahead of them!

    Thank you for posting a travel giveaway also, it means a lot to people that can’t just get away so easy !

    Posted Nov 3rd
  • Celina kanjee

    Hi! I am from France. And since you said we could take a chance and comment anywhere for the travel give away, here it is. I chose this article because my daughter is autistic and i recognize myself in what u wrote. I gave all of me to lift her up from her condition n her psychologist team agree that with all the work done, she will grow up to have a normal life (tho she will always be quirky lol). Doing that i lost myself, almost lost my husband. So if i win i would take my daughter disneyland paris, as she is ready now to do those kind of fun trips.

    Posted Nov 2nd
  • Amy

    I currently live in San Francisco CA with my husband and 7 month old son. I recently started following you both and love the pictures of your travels! If I won this giveaway I would take a trip to Dubai, Maldives or Bali. Hubby and I had our first baby boy in March and it’s been a really stressful but rewarding few months. I would take my husband along because he has been so helpful and supportive these past months by helping out with late nights, diaper changes, cleaning the house, and everything else. All this along with working 2 jobs so that I could switch to part-time to take care of the baby. It would be my dream to surprise him with a nice relaxing vacation! He definitely deserves it and I winning this giveaway would help me make his dream come true <3.

    My favorite tip from Dhar's Buzzfeed Article is to Be Consistent! I think that's a really important tip and hopefully will motivate me to do that in my work

    Posted Nov 2nd

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