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What’s the cost of a mother’s love? This story is dedicated to all the mom’s in the world, because there’s no greater sacrifice in this world, then the sacrifice a mother makes for her child. Love and appreciate your mother for all she has done for your life.

There’s many sacrifices of being a mother that go unnoticed. Taking the time to think about what the price of a mothers love would be will give you a good reminder of everything a mom has to do that’s not only not paid for, it’s usually not even noticed.

Whether it’s the endless worrying or unconditional love. The early mornings or late nights. The constant work or lack of sleep. No words could describe the struggle our moms go through for us. From time to time, it may seem like our moms ask a lot from us, but when we think about how much they sacrifice for us, nothing we could ever do, would even compare.

What is a mother’s love? A mother’s love is a lifetime of love. Our moms sacrifice and dedicate their life to do what’s best for their children’s life. Whether it’s giving up your careers and dreams to give your children the best chance at success or staying up all night to make sure your kids get home safely. So the next time your mom is asking a lot from you, just remember what Shirley Caesar said in the song “No Charge” – the cost of real love is no charge. It’s already paid in full through the many sacrifices of a mother. Dads you also make many sacrifices for your children too, both parents make sacrifices – this story was to focus on mothers.

Leave a comment below on how much you appreciate your mom! Make sure your mom knows you appreciate everything she did for you in your life.

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