Rich Guy Realizes Money Can’t Buy Love


Do you know someone who tries to impress others with the money they have? They’re quick to spend money when it helps them look good, but don’t do anything to help people that actually need it? ? Watch this rich guy try to impress his date only to realize a valuable lesson on money ???‍♀️

In life some people feel they have to flex their power over those without money, to show that they’re in control. But then decide to be generous with those that don’t even need their generosity, just because it helps make them look good or build their status. These people have no problems being big tippers at fancy restaurants, but when it comes to helping those in need, all of a sudden they’re on a budget. How are people without money supposed to get ahead? Be the kind of person that buys things from less fortunate people at higher prices, because they’re the ones that need the help. Remember as the saying goes, “the true measure of a person is how they treat someone who can do them absolutely no good.”

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2 Comments for "Rich Guy Realizes Money Can’t Buy Love"

  • Kent Jensen

    The perfect sequel would be for him to think it over and see the light. Next he goes to the woman he took to the restaurant, tells her she’s right and he doesn’t blame her for feeling skeptical. He tells her he wants to become a better person and asks if he can practice with her no strings attached. She’s amused at the idea and agrees. They somehow find the man who had the flowers. First again the guy tells the poor man he doesn’t blame him if he(the poor man) doesn’t trust him, then asks to meet the son. He takes them both to a plain but clean diner and buys them both hot, filling meals and gives the waitress a tip, telling her to put it to good use. The woman watches and still seems skeptical until the next part. The father and son are asked what put them in that situation. He’s told the father lost his job and his wife died of cancer which had drained their finances. The rich guy softens his heart even more. He asks the father what his dream is and what his job was and when told says he has a job opening that will fit perfectly and will help him chase the dream. Kind of Scroogesque would you say?

    Posted Mar 22nd
  • Sandy Latraca

    absolutely…..amazing video

    Posted Apr 15th

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