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Do you ever pray for certain things to happen? The answers may be right in front of you and you may have missed it. Learning how to recognize answers to prayers will help you throughout your life. If you’re praying for a miracle or a smaller wish it’s important to understand it’s not what’s in front of you that matters, it’s what you see. Don’t ask yourself why doesn’t god answer my prayers, look deeper and maybe he has.

Many times in life we’re praying for answers and certain opportunities to come our way and then when they don’t, we get disappointed. But often it’s not that these opportunities never came, it’s that we didn’t recognize them when they arrived. Finding ways to recognize an answer from God can completely change your outlook on prayers. For instance, let’s say we are stressed out financially, you’re behind on some bills – we pray that God helps us during these difficult times. That doesn’t mean that God is going to send a bag of money to your doorstep. It may be that somebody is sent into our lives that can lead us into the right direction or we come across a book that will teach us all the necessary skills we need to learn. All these things could be right in front of us.

Often the answer to our prayers are not exactly what we are looking for, so we often miss our prayers being answered. And then later we complain that no one helped us. So if there is every anything that you are praying for or want bad enough, remember that opportunities are all around us. It’s not what’s in front of us that matters it’s what we see.


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