Questions to Consider Before Cheating In a Relationship - Dhar Mann

  • by Dhar Mann

STOP, before you cheat, would you hurt the person you love, just for a moment of fun? If you’re asking yourself if you should cheat in a relationship, you need to remember these things before you cheat on your partner. You can avoid cheating on your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife by answering a couple questions before you cheat in a relationship.

Is a moment of happiness, really worth causing a lifetime of hurt? Think before you cheat on your partner. What if instead of loving new people, we found new ways of loving the same person. Let’s focus more on the person that’s been next to us all along. Let’s find new ways of making our existing love more strong. From this day forward, instead of giving our attention to the outside world. Let’s make our partner feel like the center of our world. Ask yourself one question before your cheat, who’s had your back since day one? I hope these things to consider before cheating on your partner help guide you to true love. Be good to the ones you’re in a relationship with.


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