Poor Woman Gives Rich Lady A Gift She Can't Buy - Dhar Mann

  • by Dhar Mann

A rich lady is about to learn a very valuable lesson on why you should treat others the way you want to be treated and that money can’t buy everything. Watch this inspirational story of an act of kindness as a less fortunate woman shows empathy regardless of the way she was treated.

A recent study done by NYU found that people with money are statistically more likely to ignore or not even notice those without money. The results aren’t surprising because we live in a culture that is obsessed with celebrities, influencers and rich people. Often those without a lot of resources go unnoticed. This can happen to all of us without even knowing it. This could be something as simple as not noticing the homeless person on our way to work, ignoring someone at a party who doesn’t really have much status, or not even noticing the hardworking person keeping everything clean. Just because someone has less, doesn’t mean that their life is worth any less. We should always make sure to recognize everyone and treat everyone fairly – because the person that we may be trying to avoid, may just end up being the biggest blessing of our life.

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