Poor Mom Teaches Rich Mom What Success Is All About - Dhar Mann

  • by Dhar Mann

Being successful won’t always make you happy, but being happy will always make you successful. Watch this inspirational video where a poor mom and her son show a rich mom why success doesn’t equal happiness.

All of know somebody who loves to compare their lives to others, to make it seem as if their life is somehow better. They treat life as if it’s some sort of score card and whoever gets the highest score wins. Since they went to a better school that somehow makes them smarter, since they have more money that somehow makes them better or since they have a fancy house that somehow makes them happier. But, what’s important to remember is having a great life is not based on what you have, it’s based on what you give. That person who didn’t go to the best school may have learned more from life experience. That person who doesn’t make a lot of money may be helping a lot more people. And that person who doesn’t have a fancy house may still have a happier home.

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