Never Treat Someone With A Disability As Less Than Human


The biggest disability of all is the one people have on the inside, when they judge others based on what they see on the outside. This motivational story shows why you should never treat someone as less than human, especially those with disabilities. Chances are you know someone with a disability. According to the World Health Organization, 1 billion people – one in seven – have some form of disability. They’re our relatives, friends, classmates, fellow employees and they have the right to be treated the same as everyone else. Dealing with a disability is challenging. We need to stop treating people with disabilities as less than human. Follow the wisdom shared in this video at the end to learn what we can do as a society to better treat disabled people.

When a researcher asked people with disabilities what is the hardest part of their condition was, the number one response was “I am treated as less than human”. There’s this perception out there that when people are sick or disabled, somehow they’re just not as good us. That their lives aren’t as important or as valuable as a healthy person’s. So how do we treat a disabled person? The reality is just because someone may walk, talk or move differently than us, on the inside they are exactly the same. In fact, the biggest disability of all is the one people have on the inside when they judge others based on what they see on the outside. As Easter Seals once said “the worst thing about a disability, is that people see it, before they see you.” Remember, never to treat someone as less than human.

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2 Comments for "Never Treat Someone With A Disability As Less Than Human"

  • Victoria

    I would love to see more videos that show some of the struggles of disabilities and others. This video made me cry because it is nice to see people learning not to judge a person with a disability. I have been judged a lot for being Autistic and also for raising an Autistic child. These videos are a great way to help people understand the differences that they are judging people for.

    Posted Jul 28th
  • Rosy Burgess

    Love all your videos. You are the best.

    Posted Apr 5th

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