My 7-Day Proposal To Laura G


I am so happy to announce that Laura and I are engaged! I knew Laura was going to be a really special person in my life within minutes of meeting her. I wanted to have a proposal that she would always remember. So, I put together a 7 day scavenger hunt that started in Los Angeles and ended in Paris. Watch this romantic experience unfold by viewing my proposal video below and see each day of the 7 day proposal by checking out our couples vlog here:

Photos From The Proposal

Dhar Mann and Laura G on gondola ride in Paris during proposal scavenger hunt

Dhar and Laura on gondola ride in Paris during 7 day proposal scavenger hunt

Dhar Mann and Laura at eiffle tower in Paris 2019

Dhar and Laura ended up in Paris, France for day 7 of the proposal scavenger hunt

Dhar Mann surprise proposal to Laura G

Dhar Mann surprising fiancée Laura G with his wedding proposal

Dhar Mann scavenger hunt proposal to Laura G in 2019

Dhar Mann proposing to Laura G in Paris

Dhar Mann proposing to Laura G in Paris France after the proposal

She said “Yes”!

Dhar Mann proposal to Laura G celebrating after

Dhar Mann and Laura G celebrating their recent engagement

Dhar Mann proposal to Laura G in 2019

Dhar Mann and Laura G are officially engaged!

Stay up to date with our latest adventures by following our vlog at

38 Comments for "My 7-Day Proposal To Laura G"

  • ปั้มไลค์

    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

    Posted Jun 30th
  • Valerie

    Congratulations ? amazing couple you will make a beautiful family.

    Posted Mar 26th
  • Kathy

    God bless y’all on your new journey! Thank you for sharing your lives with us!

    Posted Mar 25th
  • Audrianna Sanchez

    This was amazing

    Posted Mar 25th
  • Emmanuel

    Congrats Dhar Mann and Laura G, I wish you guys happiness and a forever happy union

    Posted Mar 18th
  • Ma. Ruby Esguerra

    Teary eyed here,,,,,,you both are so blessed,,,,,Sir Dhar you are awesome gentleman paired with a smart gorgeous lady,,. GOD bless you more,,,,,all the best? Congrats!

    Posted Mar 11th
  • Debby Belloc

    Congratulations! You’re a great man! Continued blessings to you and I pray that you are appreciated, loved, and cared for as you should be, by your wife/fiancée.

    Posted Mar 10th
  • Rita

    Congratulations may God bless ur union.Amen!!!!

    Posted Mar 4th
  • Isiaka mutiat omobukola

    Congratulations to you both????

    Posted Feb 21st
  • Carrina

    I wish i could have like you dhar mann.

    Posted Feb 21st
  • Ms Elsie Paz Galvez Mayo

    Congratulations to both of you. GOD Bless and more Success in your Life forever

    Posted Feb 19th
  • Akikko Aine

    WOW <3 <3 <3

    Posted Jan 14th
  • Luk Wai Man

    Very happy to see that.
    Congratulations to you both.
    Happy forever and enjoy every moment of your life.

    Posted Dec 18th
  • Joe

    The fiancée is the Mexican tv host?

    Posted Dec 17th
  • Micheal-John Rabie

    Wow , at least you had the funds to do this amazing thing for your women… Makes us ordinary men look useless. Not stabing at you.. I admire you.. you are very inspirational. Thank you for being you. I hope I can learn more from you.

    Posted Dec 17th
  • Precy Lagman

    Congratulations…such a lovely couple
    God bless..more blessings!

    Posted Dec 1st
  • Damaris Rodriguez

    Congratulations on your beautiful proposal may the good Lord always be part of your lives… always remember if you want a great marriage put God First so you may both see His Glory…
    As I look at your proposal I remembered when my hubby asked my boys for my hand in marriage & me being the clown I’m I said ok he you go & just gave him my hands we started to laugh my oldest was Mom be serious…
    Those were my memories…
    I cried because my hubby…
    My brother in the Faith… my Friend… my best friend & my Husband passed away 1yr & 4 months ago today on the 20th… (07/20/2018)
    So all I may tell you is…
    Enjoy all the moments you have…
    Like you said…
    In Good
    In Bad
    In any situations you make the best of it…
    For you never never will know until it may be your last…
    And if by chance you do have a small couple quarrel make up & pick it up in the morning…
    You don’t want to be angry when you go to sleep at night… don’t let nothing get in the way of your happiness…
    Because there is a saying…
    My hubby passed in my hands… we were holding hands in that dyalisis room I will never forget it…
    So take care of each other and make your lives count…
    And I don’t know if you both serve the Lord the great I Am but try to go & worship ones a week so things will be even better… I read you are having your 1st baby congratulations & enjoy
    God bless you both
    Thank you for sharing your engagement
    And I wanted to also thank you for all the wonderful stories you write my son & I love to see them & hear what you have to say so I do share them with others.
    Thank you again & keep up the great work & keep making many more
    God bless you both again
    Have a great night
    Hugs n Kisses for you both

    Posted Nov 20th
  • Joanna De La Cruz

    The proposal was just beautiful!! congratulations best wishes to you both?????❤️

    Posted Nov 13th
  • Cindy Gomez

    Congratulations! You deserve the best!

    Posted Nov 6th
  • daimz chloe

    oh my gosh.. your so cute both guys. im getting emotional if i see your videos. im a filipina woman but i always relate your great stories.keep up a good work. goodluck for the new parents coming in your life. i love you both dhar and laura.

    Posted Nov 4th
  • Leon and Linda Lipschitz

    Dhar and Laura
    May you only know blessed peace contentment happiness good health and may you have a long and happy marriage together
    Watching the seven day proposal and the two of you I know you are going to have just that
    Mazeltov and all the best for the future

    Posted Nov 3rd
  • Jecel

    What an amazing concepf of proposal!Keep the fire of love burning!CONGRATS Dhar Mann and Laura G????

    Posted Oct 31st
  • Babyna Narain

    Congrats to both of you
    Bless you both with great unconditional love

    Posted Oct 31st
  • Brenda

    Congratulations ????My Two Favorite Power Couple !! I just seen The proposal And It Was Amazing!!! I Can’t Stop Crying ?!!!!

    Posted Oct 28th
  • Shaheen

    God bless you both with all the health bliss prosperity and abundance in all of providence dear brother: you both just re-ignited my faith that I’ll find my forever somewhere with the right attitude and mindset- thank you and be blessed in bliss! Amen! Cheers! Hip hop hurray! Long live your love!

    Posted Oct 25th
  • Mary Lindsey

    Congratulations to both of you, I have watched this epic demonstration of love unfold for you two and I have recommended that all my friends take the time to learn something from these videos. I sure hope they do. Their lives will be all the better for it – I know mine certainly is.. Thank you both for the continued inspiration. Please continue to do great and wonderful things!

    Posted Oct 11th
  • Mira

    Congratulations lovely couple??

    Posted Oct 10th
  • Angel

    Dhar and Laura, congratulation on this very important step of your lifes! Blessings for you both that being inspirational for others.
    Blessings for you both!

    Posted Oct 8th
  • Annalyn

    Congrats to the both of you….best wishes….make many babies coz I know I know you both become a great parents to them…wish you all the best????

    Posted Oct 8th
  • Mary

    I think you are a great man. All ur stories ive been in one way or another. I follow you for a long time. Congratulations on your engagement

    Posted Oct 5th
  • Cindy King

    Dhar & Laura , Congratulations , On the Most Romantic Engagement Ever ??? ! May God Bless you Both with a Lifetime of Love & Happiness ? You Rock Dhar Mann . Keep up with those Extremely Inspirational Videos . In Christ , Cindy King

    Posted Oct 4th
  • Renalyn canja

    Congratulations both of you best wishes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Posted Sep 30th
  • Diana

    I have never heard of such a amazing proposal! Both of you I pray for the best in good and for the newly engaged couple . What you did dhar was pnoumonial I hope I spelled that right . Both of you are amazing and I hope you don’t have a long engagement

    Posted Sep 29th
  • Valerie

    How Romantic.. I love it… So happy for you both…. I hope to be happy like Both of you one day… And find that special person.. You’re a very Handsome man and she’s a very Beautiful woman.. God-bless You both…

    Posted Sep 28th
  • Debbie Butler

    Congrats Dhar & Laura G, you guys were meant for each other. Watching the video made me cried. I celebrated my 9th-year-anniversary w/ my High School sweetheart which gave us a total of 21 years together.

    Posted Sep 27th
  • Terry welch

    You have a awsome life God bless you

    Posted Sep 21st
  • Carol J McKnight Davis

    What a beautiful proposal Dhar to such a beautiful girl! You are a beautiful couple, d I pray that you two will always reflect your great love for each other always! Looking forward to seeing your wedding or photos of it! I love your videos and the positive messages they give us. God bless you both and the years to come!

    Posted Sep 20th
  • Evelyn

    Congratulations on your recent engagement. That’s always exciting I am getting married to my fiancé September 28th I can’t wait

    Posted Sep 19th

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