Most Viewed Facebook Video Of 2020! Inspirational Covid-19 Video


most viewed facebook video of 2020 dhar mann covid 19 video

Now more than ever, I’m on a mission to spread positivity while reminding everyone what really matters during our current pandemic. Thank you to my #DharMannFam for making our first COVID-19 related video the highest viewed video for 2020 within 24 hours with 50.8M views!

Outside of 2020, our video is the 6th highest viewed online video ever in 24 hours! I am constantly amazed by everyone’s support! It just shows that the only way we’re going to get through this pandemic is if we think as WE, not ME. Watch the record-breaking video and a few other COVID-19 related inspirational videos below. 

Please remember – You don’t control the virus. You don’t control the shutdown. You don’t control a lot of things. But you DO control your attitude. I know it’s hard, but try to be a ray of light during this darkness. If not for you, for the ones you love. 

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Spoiled Teen Sick Of Quarantine, Stranger Teaches Her A Lesson 

Nurse Can’t See Her Children Due To Covid, What Her Daughters Do Will Shock You

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3 Comments for "Most Viewed Facebook Video Of 2020! Inspirational Covid-19 Video"

  • Jaimie

    Thank you so much for ALL of your videos! I absolutely love all of them and am always so inspired and uplifted by every single one of them! You absolutely are changing lives!

    P.S. I absolutely adore Baby Ella Rose and Laura! You three are amazing and a beautiful family!

    Posted Sep 9th
  • Thelma

    Love all your videos and text messages that I get every day from you.

    Posted Sep 7th
    • DharMann

      Thank you, Thelma. I am incredibly grateful for your support.

      Posted Sep 8th

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