Meet My Baby Ella Rose - Dhar Mann

  • by Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann baby Ella Rose

Our baby girl is finally here and with God’s grace she is so perfect! After a long 9 months, Ella Rose Mann has now joined our little family. And now we want to share our labor and delivery vlog with all of you. It’s super emotional, so grab a box of tissues and watch when you’re ready! 

On May 1, our prayers were answered  and we finally became parents! With God’s blessings we are all doing great and we are so in love with our precious baby girl. It was an emotional birth that changed our lives forever. I’m so proud of Laura’s courage and strength she had during the entire pregnancy and delivery, especially during a pandemic!

View the latest with our family by watching our life update vlog:

Below is the video for when we found out we were having a girl!

If you want to learn more about Laura and my journey together as a couple check out this video I did to celebrate her first Mother’s Day as a Mom.


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Below are some photos of our little angel.

Dhar and Laura Baby Ella Rose-min
Ella Rose Mann born May 1, 2020
Dhar Mann, Laura G and baby Ella Rose-min
Dhar Mann, Laura G and their baby Ella Rose
Ella Rose Mann
Meet Dhar Mann and Laura G’s baby Ella Rose Mann
Ella Rose and Dhar Mann First Photo
First photo of Dhar Mann and baby girl Ella Rose
Dhar Manns baby Ella Rose
Dhar Mann and Laura G welcome their baby girl Ella Rose.
Dhar Mann and Ella Rose sleeping
Dhar Mann and baby girl Ella Rose
Ella Rose and Laura G
Laura G and her daughter Ella Rose

Thank you for all being part of this entire journey with us and we’re looking forward to sharing more videos of precious Ella!

In December 2020, Dhar and Laura announced they are expecting their 2nd child! Watch the gender reveal vlog below.