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UPDATE: View Ella’s first birthday party! View our vlog and pictures of her here: and meet my newest baby girl, Myla Sky by watching the labor and delivery vlog HERE!

Our baby girl is finally here and with God’s grace she is so perfect! After a long 9 months, Ella Rose Mann has now joined our little family. And now we want to share our labor and delivery vlog with all of you. It’s super emotional, so grab a box of tissues and watch when you’re ready! 

On May 1, our prayers were answered  and we finally became parents! With God’s blessings we are all doing great and we are so in love with our precious baby girl. It was an emotional birth that changed our lives forever. I’m so proud of Laura’s courage and strength she had during the entire pregnancy and delivery, especially during a pandemic!

View the latest with our family by watching our life update vlog:

Below is the video for when we found out we were having a girl!

If you want to learn more about Laura and my journey together as a couple check out this video I did to celebrate her first Mother’s Day as a Mom.


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Below are some photos of our little angel.

Dhar and Laura Baby Ella Rose-min

Ella Rose Mann born May 1, 2020

Dhar Mann, Laura G and baby Ella Rose-min

Dhar Mann, Laura G and their baby Ella Rose

Ella Rose Mann

Meet Dhar Mann and Laura G’s baby Ella Rose Mann

Ella Rose and Dhar Mann First Photo

First photo of Dhar Mann and baby girl Ella Rose

Dhar Manns baby Ella Rose

Dhar Mann and Laura G welcome their baby girl Ella Rose.

Dhar Mann and Ella Rose sleeping

Dhar Mann and baby girl Ella Rose

Ella Rose and Laura G

Laura G and her daughter Ella Rose

Thank you for all being part of this entire journey with us and we’re looking forward to sharing more videos of precious Ella!

In December 2020, Dhar and Laura announced they are expecting their 2nd child! Watch the gender reveal vlog below.

63 Comments for "Meet My Baby Ella Rose"

  • Srejani Koley

    God bless u little girl.lots of love from me..

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Donat Wong

    Dhar Mann,.

    U are a great Dad and mum too. Also a good father.
    U are also a good entrepreneur in this world of Competition.

    All the best


    Posted Jul 28th
  • Patricia Jones

    Congratulation what a beautiful baby and family. May God continue to rain down blessings. ❤

    Posted Jul 18th
  • Elliott Belly

    Congratulations I hope all the best for your little family.

    Posted Jul 15th
  • Elena Tolia

    You’re amazing…both of you…and now you have her in your arms!!! Welcome Ella…be blessed you and your family ❤️❤️❤️
    Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts…my little daughters and me best wishes ever ???

    Posted Jul 14th
  • Lilith

    Congratulation once again.i feel they same what Laura’s feel.
    #Welcome to the outside world baby Ella.

    Posted Jul 12th
  • Sherry McGilvery

    Please send me the video of baby Ella Rose singing the lullaby to her mom I love it

    Posted Jul 9th
  • Debra Owsley

    Thank you for sharing your incredible journey. What a beautiful journey it has truly been for your family. It is no wonder ya’ll touch and help heal so many lives. I am glad our lives have crossed paths. I look forward to a lifetime of your inspirational ? video’s. Laura you are phenomenal. Dhar, what a loving, caring, understanding, and devoted freind-love-husband-father…

    Posted Jul 6th
  • Tamatoa

    Beautiful family!!

    Posted Jul 1st
  • Pamela

    Beautiful family congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Posted May 31st
  • Sandy

    She is a beautiful baby girl hope to see grow up

    Posted May 31st
  • Phyllis

    How wonderful for you two, to have such a darling May baby!! We May baby’s have to stick together. If she will be anything like her parents, she will have a big heart for everyone. Congrats she will be such a blessing .

    Posted May 30th
  • Michele Smith

    I realise Ella Rose is now almost a month old but LAURA she is so Beautiful. I’m so glad it’s over. You both are gonna be Excellent parents. Ella Rose has two parents that are going to be the Best!!! Congratulations !!! To all three of you.

    Posted May 28th
  • Irene

    She is the blessing of God that given to your family she is so adorable?? God bless and keep safe always and your family

    Posted May 28th
  • Johnny &kay Joiner

    You Two are beautiful loving couple with beautiful love for their Gorgeous baby baby raise with your love for God to give a wonderful live she is precious,

    Posted May 28th
  • Fanny

    She is everything that God has promised. You were specific in your prayers to our heavenly father. You have my sincerest congratulations on your precious arrival. May God keep you and your love ones in perfect peace.
    In his name I pray.

    Posted May 28th
  • Sandy Repka

    This is what love is all about <3

    Posted May 28th
  • Wanda Marrero

    Welcome to the family Ella Rose ? Mann, your Bday is a special day, is called May Day.

    Posted May 28th
  • Sharon

    Congratulations and may God bless and keep you all.
    Ella Rose is a beautiful little girl.

    Posted May 28th
  • Aiza Villanueva Peniones

    So beautiful baby girl’s so cute,

    Posted May 28th
  • Susan

    Dhar G, just so pretty

    Posted May 28th
  • Antonio

    Goodluck for your life journey …God bless you and more kids….

    Posted May 28th
  • Michele

    God bless you Ella, you are so beautiful and a blessing to our world thanks be to GOD; you have long legs and will be tall. What a beautiful family the three of you make.???

    Posted May 28th
  • Priscella Varela

    Congratulations Dhar and Laura your lil bundle of joy Ella Rose is precious. Wishing you many blessings and very precious and special memories together! Your in for an amazing adventure. I appreciate your messages and videos, you are inspirational and I hope to meet you both one day. ??????

    Posted May 28th
  • Camille

    Congratulations!! Such an awe inspiring event. May GOD continue to bless your family as you have blessed me.

    Posted May 28th
  • David

    I felt every push Laura made! She worked so hard! Ella is a treasure. God bless all of you and prayers for a life of love and happiness. ?

    Posted May 28th
  • Melanie Fuifui

    Aweee!!! Ella Made her entrance gracefully!! Mommy you did awesome work!!! Dhar you are an awesome supporter!!!

    Posted May 27th
  • Angie Block

    such a beautiful baby girl for a wonder couple that makes alot of people feel better about themselfs, you are truly blessed, may god be with you.

    Posted May 27th
  • Leoda Welch

    Beautiful Baby and many blessings to your family thanks for sharing your family with all of us. ❤️

    Posted May 27th
  • Osanyinbi Ajibike I.

    Oh so pleasantly beautiful family you have here… Laura!..seeing those heart pumping pushes wow!, I marveled, kudos to u dear. It helps bring some memories too, my 2boys were CS..wish I could push lol. Best regards though & thank you for all the inspirational videos. More wisdom.

    Posted May 27th
  • SuperChick

    You have a beautiful baby girl may God bless your beautiful family ❤

    Posted May 27th
  • Monique Garnere- Lewis

    OMG you guys are such a perfect family. Thanks for including me in your JOY❤️??❤️??

    Posted May 27th
  • Emmanuela Emesih

    Welcome to the world baby Ella.. You have a wonderful family now

    Posted May 27th
  • Marcia

    Beautiful family and beautiful baby girl

    Posted May 27th
  • Amanda Hemingway

    Congratulations on the new edition to your family she beautiful I have seven two sets are twins

    Posted May 27th
  • Bonnie Arey

    What a wonderful experience, thank you for sharing…Lara you were a real warrior princess. You handled yourself beautifully. And Darr what an encourager you are. May God richly bless you all three in your lives to come and may He use your messages Darr to bring peace to the hearts of many in this Time of life. I pray these things in the name of Jesus, the Christ. Amen

    Posted May 27th
  • Prince Nic

    Beautiful babe in a happy family! I wish you long lasting and happy family relationship.

    Posted May 27th
  • Suba

    Oh my goodness. Your prayers were truly heard. She is precious, Enjoy parenthood

    Posted May 27th
  • Raewyn Hay

    Congrulations Mum and Dad and welcome Ella Rose, such a pretty name for a special and pretty girl. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I love seeing your guys faith and pray together. As said its rear and needs to happen a lot more. You’re an inspiration and blessing. Stay safe, enjoy. Gods abundant blessings. I’d have perferred to comment privately, all the best <3

    Posted May 27th
  • Crystal Wicks

    Congratulations dharma and Laura you have a beautiful baby girl

    Posted May 27th
  • Cindy Mclain

    Love the pictures of Ella Rose and your wonderful family.

    Posted May 27th
  • GraceyAdzah

    Wow, I was so trill watching this videos, from the birth room , omg Laura, wishing you a wonderful belated Mother’s day.. Ella is blessed to have beautiful parents like you .. Seeing you in the labor room just wanna make someone wanna have a baby too♥️♥️???????

    Posted May 27th
  • Marilyn Wright

    Your family is beautiful. I can see already the your baby girl has you already wrapped around your finger. She is a daddy’s girl. I see she was born on may 1st, well my 65th birthday is on may 31st. She will be living,giving, compassionate,strong wild, a great talker and listener. She will grow to be what GOD has for her to be,not what society thinks she should be. Advice if you dont mind a 64 year old African-American mother. Show her how to work for what she wants,let her know there are others in the world who may not be as fortunate as she. That real,true,and genuine love transcends across all color lines. Be learning parents,ask for help when you need it,spend time just loving on one another. One more thing,(as you can see I talk a lot), just continue to produce messages that really can reach people. Thank you for what your doing. Thank you so much, I enjoy them so much. Love and blessings upon you and yours. Amen

    Posted May 27th
  • Amna A

    AWWWW! Baby Ella Rose is so adorable! You guys are the best parents for her! Maybe you should make a video about Ella!

    Posted May 27th
  • Olivier Kalombo

    May God bless you. I love you all with your beautiful baby girl.

    Posted May 27th
  • Janice R

    ?Congratulations ? on your new family member. She’s so Beautiful. May GOD continue to bless you & your family.

    Posted May 27th
  • Marie Franklin

    Absolutely Beautiful Family

    Posted May 27th
  • Laurie

    Congratulations on your precious gift from God may the lord hold you and uphold you in your Journey as Christian parents she is beautiful

    Posted May 27th
  • Yvrose D

    Hi it’s a pleasure for me and the ? to have Dhar family in our life we do ? all your video and your messages days by days it’s more inspiring to our life thanks God I have a other girl in my family I ? God he will continue blesse her through her life all the glory belongs to our mighty God amèn

    Posted May 27th
  • Anita Patterson


    Posted May 27th
  • Charles schwab

    What a cute little girl Ella is. God Bless you and your precious family Dhar Mann.

    Posted May 23rd
  • Regina Smith 9510 S. Constance Ave. Apt.501

    Your Beautiful Baby girl is so precious, Congratulations to you and your lovely wife.??????????????????

    Posted May 22nd
  • Rejeana Pollitt

    Shes so pretty

    Posted May 22nd
  • Sherrie Brill

    What a beautiful family! congratulations!! Loved your baby shower video.

    Posted May 22nd
  • lorna

    you are both wonderful!having your little angel beside u makes your family perfect!God bless u darr!continue to make more inspirational videos to touch more lives..iam one of your fan!

    Posted May 22nd
  • Veronica F Marion

    Congratulations guys, Laura you did great you both did. The first time around is always a little scary because you never know what to expect. I am glad everything went well, it’s nice to see couples prayer together, I wish more people did. She is beautiful and like I said will grow fast lol I hope that you eventually want more and it will get easier with every delivery its funny to watch them grow and see then do things that you used to do as a kid like jump roping songs the same song but they switch up the words a bit it will bring flash backs to your child hood. Nothing will ever be the same from this point on but that is a good thing..remember to give each other this parental break and dont forget one of the most important parts of parent and couples make sure you find the time to always have the couples quality time soooooo important and it becomes harder to find but it about finding the right balance and still keeping your love a priority especially for her.. Your showing her how to love what a normal marriage and relationship looks like for her future and for her to accept nothing less.

    Posted May 22nd
  • Bonnie

    Oh my gosh! She is so small and so very precious! Congratulations Mom and Dad on your little beautiful baby girl! ??

    Posted May 22nd
  • Christine Jouffray

    You can see that daddy is in love with his beautiful new little girl! Congratulations to both of you on on new little blessing from God!

    Posted May 22nd
  • Julie Ybarra

    Absolutely beautiful. I have 4 children and 3 grandbabies and I believe youngsters are the best gift of all, truly a blessing.

    Posted May 22nd
  • Cheryl Fordham

    When I look at these pictures I tell you Ella Rose ? has a personality all her own look ? at how she poses in the pictures as if she’s saying look ? out world ? I’m here to make a change.. I just can’t get over her pictures, she’s a special little girl born with a purpose.. congratulations to you both being parents of such a special blessing ??

    Posted May 22nd
  • May

    Your so lucky with sweet family ❤️??

    Posted May 22nd
  • Akikko Aine

    welcome EllaRose 🙂 you are so cute and bless to have a nice parent

    Posted May 22nd
  • Teresa

    What a precious family!?

    Posted May 22nd

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