Mean Girl Fat Shames Stranger, Lives to Regret Her Decision


Always have compassion for strangers.

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Mean Girl Fat Shames Stranger, Lives to Regret Her Decision
Mean Girl Fat Shames Stranger, Lives to Regret Her Decision

Always have compassion for strangers.

5 Comments for "Mean Girl Fat Shames Stranger, Lives to Regret Her Decision"

  • Jackie Asiimwe

    My name is Jackie Asiimwe,
    I love the way you handled chelsea’s case, I have been through the same situation like hers befor, because we are of the same size, I was in a bus travelling from Kampala to the western Uganda, I was seated in a three seater and I was on the fast seat, then my neibour in the middle harrased me for 5 hours in the bus, but I had no one to talk on my behalf,
    Thank you for supporting Chelsea.
    I love this “persssion for strangers”
    God bless you.

    Posted Mar 30th
  • Monique

    Hey my name is Monique love and I felt the same way she do people alway got something to say about your weight on u and it is so pressing to me because I don’t like to be fat but my sickest have me like that I then try everything to loose it

    Posted Mar 27th
  • Steve

    I watch every one I can find,Can’t wait there’s another!!!

    Posted Mar 27th
  • Wayne

    I think what your doing is an excellent way to teach

    Posted Mar 24th
  • Orlapinega Teryisa

    Am trusting God should help me trust him more not to loss patience and the encouragement of this video so that it may testimony of my achievement.

    Posted Mar 20th

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