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Everyone knows his name, but would you believe this was the life story of the Dalia Lama? His biography starts off with him being born to a peasant family. Throughout the beginning of his life, the Dalia Lama overcame many life difficulties. He was criticized, received death threats and fled his country to escape to India. One thing remained consistent in Dalia Lama’s life is he always responded peacefully to threats and violent situations. Eventually due to the internet and social media his stories and peaceful messages started to catch on and spread all around the world. Today, he is a household name, written countless books and won a Nobel Peace Prize.

While looking back at his life, Dalia Lama said that if it wasn’t for his struggles he wouldn’t have gained the worldly knowledge to become the leader that he is today. The Dalia Lama story teaches us that success is always on the other side of struggle. Every time we struggle it’s shaping us into the person we need to become. One day we will look back at life difficulties and actually be thankful for the hard times we faced. So the next time you’re going through a difficult time, remember the Dalia Lama story. Your struggle today, is building the strength that you need for tomorrow.


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  • Naitik Sinha

    Dear Dhar Mann,
    Our teachers show us your videos, every day hoping we can make the world a better place.
    Thank you for your videos

    Posted Jul 2nd

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