Life Isn’t Always As Good As It Looks On Instagram


Don’t always trust what you see on social media ?

On Instagram, even salt could be made to look like sugar. It’s no secret that one of the #1 issues affecting people today, is mental health. We see all these people on social media appearing to live some dream life. Always wearing the best clothes, driving the best cars, or being in some fairy tale relationship. We compare our lives to theirs and then start to question, why aren’t our lives as perfect? But what’s important to remember, is if something seems too good to be true, then it usual is. Not everything that glitters turns out to be gold. That perfect body, might be perfect Photoshop. That smooth skin, might be a smoothing filter, and that ideal relationship might not be so ideal. So remember to love the life you have, because only when you stop looking around, that’s when you can appreciate what’s right in front of you.

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Life Isn't Always As Good As It Looks On Instagram
Life Isn't Always As Good As It Looks On Instagram

Don't always trust what you see on social media ? Watch this inspirational video on how life isn't alwasy as good as it looks on Instagram.

1 Comments for "Life Isn’t Always As Good As It Looks On Instagram"

  • Maiakentcha

    That’s what most people are not really understanding about relationships on social media not everything u see on social media it is in the real life always love ur self the way u are before everything else you can seen

    Posted Aug 21st

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