Just Because They Smile At You Doesn’t Mean They’re Happy For You


Be careful of the company you keep. When it comes to friends, having 4 quarters is better than 100 pennies ?

There’s three things you should always protect – your energy, your name and your company. Just because they’re clapping for you, doesn’t mean they want the best for you. And just because they’re smiling at you, doesn’t mean that they’re happy for you. And just because they’ve been by your side doesn’t mean they have your back. So be careful who you let into your circle. It’s better to be alone, than in the wrong company, because energy is transferable. If you spend time with snakes, you’ll end up getting poisoned. But, if you spend time eagles, you’ll learn how to soar. So remember, you don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends that you can be certain of.

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