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Have you ever been doubted in a relationship? Has your partner not believed in you and your dreams? If so, you’ll want to watch this. Choosing the right partner for a lasting relationship is one of the biggest life choices you will make. You’ll want to make sure your partner helps you achieve your dreams, not one that gives up on your dreams and doesn’t have faith in your passions.

The most powerful words in a relationship aren’t always “I love you” or “I miss you”. A lot of times the most powerful words are “I believe in you”. We all have dreams, but dreams take time to build. The right partner not only won’t give up on you, but they also won’t allow you to give up on yourself. They’re patient and have 100% confidence in you because deep in their heart they know that no matter what struggles you’re going through, you’re going to overcome them. The right partner doesn’t just show up for your success, they’re the ones that helped you succeed in the first place. They listen during your downs, they support you through your losses and they help you rebuild during your failures. They see the good in you when everyone else only sees the bad. So when you find that person, the person who believes in you no matter what, don’t ever let that person go. A real relationship is one with two imperfect people that just refuse to give up on each other.

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2 Comments for "How To Know If Your Relationship Is Real | Dhar Mann Videos"

  • Marriage Advice

    Awesome blog! I like it a lot! Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Posted Aug 12th
  • tasya

    Hey dhar! I wanna know whos the guy in this video? Thanks x

    Posted Apr 17th

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