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  • by Dhar Mann

Learn how to recognize whether or not you’re taking your partner for granted and if you are, how to stop taking your relationship for granted. Whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife these signs you are taking for partner for granted should not go unnoted.  Sometimes the most obvious things are the most difficult to be seen. We get used to certain things being done for us that we stop recognizing the effort being put into them. You should never take your relationship for granted with your partner. When couples going through divorce were asked what led to their separation, one of the most common reasons given was a lack of appreciation. Stop taking your spouse for granted today and start improving your relationship with the ones you love.

The little steps can make a big difference and acknowledging someone’s hard work makes them want to work even harder. Even taking a second to appreciate someone can make their entire day. MY CHALLENGE TO YOU:  the next time someone does something nice, try showering them with appreciation and watch their smile spread from cheek to cheek. This will allow you to avoid taking your partner for granted in your relationship. The more appreciation that you give, the more appreciation you’ll get in return.


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