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Are you taking your relationship for granted? Don’t sabotage a good thing with bad behavior – learn how to avoid taking someone for granted in a relationship with small, meaningful acts that build strong foundations for lasting happiness.

Often, the longer we’ve been in a relationship, the more we start to take our partner for granted. We get so used to the things they do for us that we start to overlook them or forget to express our gratitude for them

This can be disastrous for relationships. In fact, “lack of appreciation” is frequently cited as one of the most common reasons for divorce. The good news is – it’s easy to intentionally start expressing more gratitude for your partner and in the process build a stronger, happier relationship.


How to Avoid Taking Someone for Granted in a Relationship

So, maybe you’re wondering “What does it mean to take someone for granted in a relationship, anyway?” It simply means we stop noticing and expressing our thanks for the things they do. We stop showing our appreciation.

Maybe it’s cleaning the house, or buying groceries, making dinner, or recording our favorite show, little things our partner does that we used to be so grateful for, we just stop acknowledging.

avoid taking your partner for granted in a relationship

Here are some signs you’re taking someone for granted in your relationship:

  • You don’t remember the last time you said a heartfelt “thank you” to your partner
  • It’s been a long time since you and your partner have done anything ‘just for the fun of it’
  • You haven’t given your partner a gift for no obvious reason in a long time
  • You aren’t in the habit of complimenting your partner or reminding them of how amazing you think they are


how to avoid taking someone for granted in a relationship
You can stop taking your partner for granted in a relationship by following some key tips to a healthy relationship.


When we’ve been with someone for a long time, the newness of the relationship eventually wears off. Things that once came so naturally, like planning fun date nights, or surprising our partner with a gift, or giving them loving compliments, these things start to slip away from us.

Often, it’s the result of our attention shifting to other areas of our lives – like work and financial obligations. We don’t mean to make our partner feel unappreciated. We’re just overwhelmed with responsibilities and unaware of the way our actions are affecting our partner.

So, here are some key ways to help you avoid taking your partner for granted:

  • Make it a point to give sincere thanks for the things your partner does for you.
  • Change up your routine. Swap chores and make it fun.
  • Give your partner compliments – both publicly and privately.
  • Plan ways to celebrate your relationship regularly. Here are some ideas –
    • Stay in and enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner
    • Go out and paint the town red
    • Plan a picnic
    • Go dancing
  • Find opportunities to surprise your partner with small gifts. These can be something you’ve made or even a note of appreciation left in a pocket. These spontaneous surprise reminders of gratitude will help you and your partner have a deeper connection.

With a little intentional effort, we can stop taking someone for granted in relationship situations – even if we suddenly realize we’ve been failing to express gratitude for our partner for quite some time.

Acknowledging the problem is the first step. A good second step is having an open, loving conversation with your partner. Express thanks for all they do and apologize for not having shown more gratitude in the past.

avoid taking your significant other for granted in a relationship

Taking Someone for Granted in a Relationship: How to Say Sorry

Here’s what happens when you take someone for granted in a relationship: they start loving you a little less. It’s not their fault. We have a basic human need to feel appreciated. When we don’t get that from our partner, we risk feeling resentful and angry, two things that will ruin the potential of any relationship right from the start

The way you fix taking things for granted in a relationship is to have a real heart-to-heart conversation with your partner and let them know that you realize you’ve acted badly. Apologize for not openly and regularly expressing gratitude for all they do. Then, together, commit to improving your relationship with intentional gratitude and appreciation for each other

Taking someone for granted and losing them is a hard lesson to live with, and one that happens all too often. If you know you have been taking someone for granted, take immediate steps to fix the situation before it’s too late.


Don’t Take Someone You Love For Granted Quotes

If you need some inspiration to motivate you to show your partner more gratitude, here are a collection of quotes about taking someone for granted in a relationship. Read them with open eyes!


“Every time you take them for granted you’re teaching them to live without you” – Unknown


“If we don’t feel appreciated, we don’t feel loved.”  – Jonathan Lockwood Huie


 “Even the most caring people can get tired of being taken for granted.”  – Nishan Panwar


Stop Taking Your Partner for Granted in a Relationship

When we take our partner for granted we risk ruining our relationship. Yet, it’s not an uncommon theme. So many breakups are the result of one or both partners feeling unappreciated. Once the feeling of being unappreciated sets in, it’s easy to start forming resentment and feelings of anger and sadness.
Recognizing when this is happening is the first step to correcting it. With conscious effort, you can learn how to stop taking your partner for granted in a relationship. If you want a lasting, loving relationship, gratitude and appreciation are essential ingredients.


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