How Love Changes Over Time


Do you feel your relationship has changed over time? If so you’ll want to watch this story about growing together as couple and how love changes over time. A healthy relationship is two individuals working together. A strong relationship is when two individuals create something deeper and better than themselves, yet they are still themselves. For a relationship to grow, you must also grow as an individual and not lose yourself. People change over time but we have to keep on loving them no matter what.

Sometimes in relationships we feel people change and we get upset that someone isn’t the way they used to be. People often see change in a negative light, but the reality is, love is all about change. It’s about going through life’s ups and downs while growing and evolving together. When you first meet your partner things are new and exciting. Every moment with your partner probably gives you goosebumps. Over time things shift from lust to trust. Thinking as a family becomes more important than thinking of an individual. While things before may have been less work and more play. Now there may be so much work there’s not even enough time in the day. While things before may have been living for the moment without care, now there may not be a single moment to even spare – and that’s ok. Our roles, responsibilities and interest can change but the right person will change with you and see it as an opportunity to love each new version of you. Because never forget, true love isn’t about loving 1,000 different people, it’s about loving the 1,000 different versions of the same person.

Story Inspired by Laura Birks

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