How A Small Act Of Kindness Can Change The World


One small act of kindness can create a ripple that can spread across the whole world. There are many small acts we can do every day—here’s the proof. Watch this inspirational video involving a homeless man and a dog to see a heartwarming moment of kindness.

You can have a lot of money but still live a really poor life. And you can have no money at all but live a really rich life. That’s because what makes a person rich isn’t how much they have, it’s how much they give. Now I know a lot of people hesitate because they feel like they can’t make a difference. You need to never forget when it comes to helping others, the size of your audience doesn’t matter. When it comes to kindness, the size of your wallet doesn’t matter, that’s because when it comes to giving, the size of your heart is the only thing that matters. Everyone comes into this world with nothing and leaves with nothing, it’s what we do in between that makes all the difference.


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