Homeless Mom Collects Cans For Cash, Stranger Changes Her Life Forever


It doesn’t matter whats on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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Homeless Mom Collects Cans For Cash, Stranger Changes Her Life Forever
Homeless Mom Collects Cans For Cash, Stranger Changes Her Life Forever

One persons trash is another person's treasure.

6 Comments for "Homeless Mom Collects Cans For Cash, Stranger Changes Her Life Forever"

  • Josephine Mulenga

    Thank you

    Posted Aug 7th
  • Umar india

    Absolutely perfect this ..! I like too much

    Posted Aug 4th
  • Abram J Sanchez

    Dhar you are right is story change many lives, including my siblings by becoming law enforcement officers as their dad (me) Thank you Dhar

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Abram Jimenez Sanchez

    made me to cry due to past memories that I went thru because of a person’s care, just like your story in hard times that my Mom went thru to a keep food in the table, so the advice this person told me change my ways of confronting any situation, I eventually follow his advice and made my mom proud of me. during my adult life I also share that awesome advice as a school cop to the local students, Yep they love it

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Barbara

    Thanks for your stories about true
    life, God Bless You!

    Posted Jul 28th
  • Kathy Plazek

    Love your video

    Posted Jul 27th

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