Dhar Mann Studios Launches International Channels!


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Hola, Olá, हैलो, مرحبا #DharMannFam!

I am so excited to share that Dhar Mann Studios is expanding to international audiences! We launched Español, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, German and French!

We have such an amazing global audience that I want to make content that resonates with each person.  PLUS I know many of you have family members that may not have English as their first language so soon enough you’ll be able to share my videos in their native language soon! We’re so grateful to each one of you for the success of our videos that this is our way of giving back to make these more meaningful and touch more lives! 

We are so excited to spread more positive and inspirational messages in more languages across the world. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and more languages coming soon!

Dhar Mann Español Profiles

Dhar Mann Arabic Profiles

Dhar Mann Hindi Profiles

Dhar Mann Portuguese Profiles

Dhar Mann German Profiles

Dhar Mann French Profiles

7 Comments for "Dhar Mann Studios Launches International Channels!"

  • Pat Bowron

    Keep up the good work. I’m interested in all your videos. One can learn a lot. ?? Pat

    Posted Sep 23rd
    • DharMann

      Thank you, Pat. I am incredibly grateful for your support.

      Posted Sep 24th
  • Dianne

    I really love watching your videos.. They are so amazing! Keep on inspiring us.. ???

    Posted Sep 20th
    • DharMann

      Thank you for watching, Dianne! Glad you love my videos. Stay tuned for more.

      Posted Sep 20th
  • John Phillips

    Dhar, I love your videos. I’m always looking for inspiration stories. I came across yours and don’t have a dry eye. I sent an incident that happened to me and thought you might use it. It was about a woman who hates black people. It was short as I thought you might limit comments.

    Keep up the great work. God bless

    Posted Sep 14th
  • Jasmattie Bacchus

    I enjoy your show

    Posted Sep 14th
    • DharMann

      I am so glad to hear that you enjoy watching my videos. Thank you, Jasmattie!

      Posted Sep 16th

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