Dhar Mann Studios Infectious Disease Control Plan - Dhar Mann

  • by Dhar Mann

While no one has a guideline for the rapidly spreading novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), our team at Dhar Mann Studios is putting a plan into place that may help prevent workplace exposures.

To be as transparent as possible and address any concerns regarding our response to the virus, we wanted to outline the steps we are taking to ensure both our Dhar Mann Studios employees and cast members are safe.  

Our Emergency Response Plan:

  • We are ensuring that hand soap, gloves and hand sanitizers are available to employees and cast members
  • We are ensuring a clean workplace, including the regular cleaning of objects and areas that are frequently used, such as desks, breakrooms, and all production equipment
  • Employees must wash their hands frequently with soap and water for at least 60 seconds; this includes upon arrival on set, after lunch/restroom breaks and after touching any packages and/or mail
  • Team members are encouraged not to share food or drinks
  • In person meetings are being reduced and we are encouraging discussions over phone calls or computer software to help eliminate face to face exposure
  • We will encourage sick employees to stay at home and will be flexible with sick time as needed
  • We will require employees to notify us if they are infected or exposed to the extent allowable by law
  • We will supply our studio with posters and information updates regarding the virus
  • We will make all reasonable efforts to inform employees of necessary updates relevant to COVID-19, and strongly encourage them to continuously monitor government advisories as well

As a company, we’re committed to remaining compliant with the guidance from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and will continue to monitor updates about the virus. 

We hope our amazing #DharMannFam is also staying safe and we will post updates here as they become available.