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At Dhar Mann Studios we create short, motivational videos to inspire people. The content we create is powerful, transformative and spreading like fire! On social media our content has been viewed by over 50 Billion times around the world on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

The team is led by  Dhar Mann, a mission-driven entrepreneur who loves to share his life experience of success and failure to help inspire others. Using the power of storytelling and with an incredible team behind him, Dhar Mann puts out 5 new videos a week showcasing relatable, real-life situations that people can learn from.

Dhar Mann Productions filming social media videos

On set filming a video in Downtown Los Angeles.  In this video, a distracted boyfriend gets caught by his girlfriend checking out another girl. He then blames her for being insecure, unaware that his own behavior is causing that insecurity.

Audience Stats

The support our videos have received has been unprecedented.  Our first video went live on May 29, 2018.  Since then, our content has been shared by millions of people and viewed over 50 billion times. Within a short time period we’ve been able to build a loyal following of over 99 Million+ people and we’re gaining over 500,000 followers a week. It’s incredible to see how much support our content has received!

Our most viewed video on Facebook shows a struggling father getting help from an unexpected stranger has received  469 Million+ views:

Poor Dad Cant Buy Birthday Cake, Stranger Changes His Life Forever

The kindness you put out into the world, always finds a way of coming back to you.

Inspired by a great Singapore video from 2014 Ripple by Daniel Yam & Foo Xiuqi

Posted by Dhar Mann on Thursday, February 6, 2020


Our most viewed video on YouTube shows a group of students learning that an autistic student is no different then them. It has received over 61 Million+ views:

We Are Just Getting Started

Even though we have accomplished more than we ever dreamed of in such a short amount of time, we feel we are just getting started! Every week we post 5 new videos on Facebook, YouTube, IGTV and TikTok.

For us to be able to create so much content, we have a very efficient production team and an amazing group of actors we work with. Dhar personally oversees all the storylines and draws much of his inspiration from his real life experiences

Dhar Mann Productions Los Angeles, California

Behind the scenes at a Dhar Mann Studios set. In this scene we’re filming an ungrateful wife who doesn’t understand the financial pressure her husband is facing.

Our Community

We are blessed to have the most amazing supporters. Our community has left over 45,000 positive reviews and sends us a new message every second on average. The support we have received has been unimaginable. Every day we’re driven to work hard by our amazing fans and are highly engaged with what our audience wants to see.  We try to respond to as many people as we can although it is getting more difficult as the community grows. 

Below are a few testimonials from our amazing supporters:

Dhar Mann Productions reviews

Check out more of our amazing reviews from community here!

Dhar Mann Studio’s Actors

We practice what we preach!  We are always showing love and appreciation to our incredible team and especially the actors that make this all possible.  Below are a couple appreciation dinners showcasing the hardworking people that make this all possible:

Appreciation Dinner with the Team and Cast

Meet my team! Showing appreciation to the talented individuals that make all this possible!

Posted by Dhar Mann on Friday, April 26, 2019


Behind the scenes of our actor appreciation holiday party!

Posted by Dhar Mann on Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Dhar Mann Studios Logo 2020

Join Our Family!

We’d love for you to join us on this movement to spread positivity around the world! Our fans are what make everything we do possible.

At the end of each video, Dhar Mann gives an outro to his audiences and thanks them for their support.

Interested in joining our #DharMannFam?  Please check out links below to all the places you can keep up with us!

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80 Comments for "Dhar Mann Studios – Behind the Videos!"

  • Aisha

    Love dhar man he is a star at YouTube videos he’s amazing love dhar man???

    Posted Jul 27th
  • Chris R

    Dhar Mann you have changed the way I see my life. Your videos have saved me from doing things I could not imagine doing. Thank you and your acting crew for all that you do. I would love to meet you in person someday and thank you in person for everything you’ve done for people.

    Posted Jul 20th
  • Juston Millard

    Thanks for representing the positive I watched just one video alone and felt inspired…Dharmann.com seems like good people to me…??????

    Posted Jul 20th
  • Keith Alvis

    I love what you do and the messages you provide, huge fan and please keep them coming

    Posted Jul 19th
  • Rishikesh Salgaonkar


    Posted Jul 18th
  • Amber Tucker

    Your videos are amazing and over the last 2 months they have really helped since I was diagnosed with cancer. My name is Amber. I’ll be 35 at the end of October and I am battling stage 3 ovarian cancer. I found out about the cancer on mother’s day and it has been a battle. All I ever wanted was to have my own kids and to adopt but definitely wanted at least one of my own. And to find out on mothers day that it would never happen was devastating. Your videos have helped me to keep from falling back into depression and keep a positive attitude. So I wanted to thank you for that.

    Posted Jul 15th
  • Ridwan Yousuf

    Nas you and Dhar make a whole world a different s with your work keep doing a great job

    Posted Jul 11th
  • Ridwan Yousuf

    Nas and Dhar you to change ,y life when I was young keep doing a great job

    Posted Jul 11th
  • Robert

    hello dhar man I love your videos and I always come on YouTube to check if you made a new video Thank you for making all theses videos

    Posted Jul 10th
  • Prince K A Bertrand

    I love your stories very much because it change life

    Posted Jul 3rd
  • Jhene zhel

    Keep the inspirational messages , I loved it and makes me inspired in every single videos I watched. May Godbless you all and stay safe everyone ?❣️❣️

    Posted Jul 1st
  • Maria

    Thank you for all that you do

    Posted Jun 21st
  • Madeline Ford

    I have some life experiment that I will love to share with you.

    Posted Jun 19th
  • Nas Daily

    Hello, Dhar!
    It was nice doing a collaboration with you in one of the videos. And yeah be safe.

    Posted Jun 18th
  • Maggie 10 yrs

    I love your videos so much and I shared them with my family and mates I am your biggest fan

    Posted Jun 18th
  • Tessa Brown

    Hi I’m Tessa renee brown I love your videos

    Posted Jun 1st
  • Amanda

    Dhar every time I like one of your Facebook videos someone try’s to add me that is an fake dhar page. I read your website that said you don’t have an accounts that aren’t verified with the blue check mark. So I deleted them and reported them and Facebook says there not in the wrong. I want to be able to like, or love your videos but I won’t if I keep getting these adds. Not sure if you can do anything about it. But I really do love your videos and enjoy watching them I could watch them every night and my daughter watches them with me we love them.

    Posted May 30th
  • Angie Rodriguez

    I love your videos mostly because I can relate to them, but also because they’re very inspirational. The first time I watched a video of yours, I was blown away! I followed you on Facebook right away then, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. I must say that sometimes, they do make me cry lol. I’m a sucker for these videos ??. I try not to miss a single one. I love your daily motivational texts i receive from you. I suffer from MDD, so most of the times I feel down. When I receive your texts and read them, I smile right away. They are so empowering! Never stop at all! Also, welcome to parenthood. Congrats on your new little bundle of joy. She’s so adorable. ? Mixed babies are the best! #puertoricanandsrilankan #mixedbabies

    Posted May 23rd
  • Lee Ryan

    I very much appreciate the heart behind the videos, as well as their purpose. However, have you ever thought of hiring a seasoned screenwriter and director and professional actors? It would make a world of difference in the stories being effective to the non-Christian community. You’d have a better chance of winning them over. Blessings to you all.

    Posted May 23rd
  • Jenn

    Amazing videos , I love your work , the world needs more positive people like you, keep up the good work.

    Posted May 22nd
  • James Paul Lopez

    this is the best among the rest video i ever watch before. Its makes sense and you can learn a lot from the beginning until ending…. i recommend this video to all youth like me to be inspired and to help our society grow and strive in a positive way that helps others . To God be the glory!

    Posted May 18th
  • Misty

    Thank you!!! You r a great inspiration to all. I’ve wanted to do these type of videos since I was a young adolescents. Couldn’t have done a better job than yourself.

    Posted May 13th
  • Kathy

    I Love your videos and I want to thank you for not using bad language or nudity to make your point.
    Thank you, keep on keeping on.

    Posted May 9th
  • Jenelle Khashidas

    Dhar your vids inspire me so much?

    Posted May 5th
  • Scarlett

    Dhar Mann has taught me so much, I hope he keeps up the good work!

    Posted Apr 23rd
  • Angel

    Wow that is so nice my dude keep up the good work no wonder why you denied that Ferrari because you can’t even fit it

    Posted Apr 19th
  • Cody

    I love your vidoes

    Posted Apr 17th
  • Mikayla

    What’s the name of the girl who just got married a month ago?

    Posted Apr 16th
  • Kedra

    I love all the videos and share them with my friends and family! These videos always lift my spirits especially during this time of isolation and reflection.❤️

    Posted Apr 16th
  • Rey F.

    Thank you to each of you. I personally get inspired with each video. Keep up the good work!

    Posted Apr 14th
  • Razou Lhoushe

    Hats off to all the actors who are truely the unsung heroes. Every videos makes me think positive n also learning to love,to give,to share etc etc and also bringing positive impact in my home……..thanks a million hugs n wishes from Nagaland

    Posted Apr 7th
  • Steven Oudean

    I love all your videos. Loving, caring, kindness, patience, long-suffering, forgiveness, humbleness,
    Meekness, sharing of life lessons & wisdom learned…..Jesus was like that too! I sense that you want to keep your videos religious neutral though. I’m a Christian Singer Songwriter ( Unknown) but I feel I’m on a similar mission, but it’s to share Jesus with the world through my music. Anyways, man I absolutely love what you are doing!
    Changing lives is what it’s all about!

    Posted Apr 5th
  • Jaime Boyd

    I Love all your videos. I look forward to watching these every single time I see them on Facebook, or YouTube. Even on my Instagram page. Thank you for being such an awesome creator!

    Posted Apr 5th
  • Gail Johns

    I start my day off by watching you guys! Love,love, love all of you! So positive and full of energy! These videos have changed my life and inspire me to be a more positive person. What all of you are doing really matters❤️

    Posted Mar 31st
  • Kent Jensen

    It’s fun to see how many different characters each cast member plays. It would be fun to have sequels and alternate endings.

    Posted Mar 29th
  • Maria Montiel

    How are you been other people give food and drink are house okay my name is maria Montiel

    Posted Mar 29th
  • Jenelle Khashidas

    I love all of the actresses they inspire me

    Posted Mar 28th
  • MITHU Shree

    Thanks Dhar Mann Sir

    Posted Mar 26th
  • Samantha Holmes

    Who won the contest on finding the things in you home? What about the iPhone giveaway I didn’t see the rest of the names.

    Posted Mar 25th
  • Peter

    By far the best content on Facebook and where i log off feeling fulfilled. Disabled by a chronic illness and unable to achieve in this life, Dharmann’s videos have inspired me to improve myself as a person and take the lessons into my own life and apply them even though it takes courage and strength often to do or say the right thing.

    Posted Mar 21st
  • Orlapinega Teryisa

    Even claiming a ladder has to do with sacrifices and courage may God help to claimed the free ladder at my door step with the encouragement and inspiring of Dhar Mann and team.

    Posted Mar 20th
  • Audrey Suggs

    I’m so very inspired by your videos. I am interested in finding out about auditioning for future videos. I just want to be a part of such an inspirational movement. How does one get to audition or do you not do that? Your actors are very talented by the way.

    Posted Mar 20th
  • Manisha

    Thank you for sharing such osm vedio with us I really appreciate to you and your team, for helping to change our life…

    Posted Mar 16th
  • Elizabeth kachonge

    Your videos have helped me with my spiritual life

    Posted Mar 15th
  • Mohsina

    Just all videos they really build me and they are a reality

    Posted Mar 15th
  • Sandra

    You’re inspiring story keep me going thank you for posting them. I have a few things that has happened in my life that I have over come hopefully you would like to hear it… and again thx you.

    Posted Mar 15th
  • atul

    love your videos ???

    Posted Mar 15th
  • Anthony Iwuoha

    You are My hero. I love so many of your videos with sence of joy that someone is gifted with wisdom. Actually i enjoy all the videos. Please keep it burning sir

    Posted Mar 14th
  • Jayantha Perera

    All of your content has some very important message within, that inspire life and day to day living. So much informative and touching. Thank you for being so generous in helping people free , when out in a world everything has a price tag. All the very best to you to become the most convincing person in the world.

    Posted Mar 11th
  • Rekeia M.

    Is there anyway to audition for your videos

    Posted Mar 8th
  • Nicole

    I have had some hard times lately and I just wanted to let you know your videos have gotten me thru the obstacles!

    Posted Mar 6th
  • Henry Kanali

    I am made to cry when i watch some of your videos. Having go through life I can say, what you air is exactly the things that affect our daily lives. I would love to have a word with….

    Posted Mar 4th
  • Adeena

    I love all your youtube videos! They are so emotional and happy sometimes sad but they always teach a lesson but a lot of the videos are about not judging others.

    Posted Mar 2nd
  • Jourma

    How may I be an actor in your film shorts?

    Posted Feb 26th
  • Emiliano Pineda

    Hey Dhar Mann I see u videos every day and I’m subcribed

    Posted Feb 21st

    Hi everybody,
    writing from France (Paris). I enjoy your videos….Very good way to improve my English and the topics are so close to human behaviours…. Congrat..Just go on please. LN

    Posted Feb 21st
  • Julian

    Congratulations Dhar Mann for reaching 4.5 Billion+ viewers. You have a great team, pleased to know you even have an actor from Melbourne Australia.May you videos encourage exemplary conduct for many years to come.

    Posted Feb 21st
  • Julian

    Congratulations Dhar Mann for reaching 4.5 Billion+ viewers and even have an actor from Melbourne Australia. May you videos always encourage the viewers to think well before making drasic decisions and be exemplary at all times. Great teamwork =Great success for many years to come.

    Posted Feb 21st
  • Omer

    i live in africa i always like to be like you but i dont get help or encouragement in the lives of many people and things get tiring and God is almighty

    Posted Feb 21st
  • Ronda Burk

    What is the actress name that has one blue eye and one brown eye?

    Posted Jan 30th
  • Irma Jordan

    I love all of the actors and actresses in the videos! I live in San Diego and am a Theater major here at my local college. I plan to be in film/movies. I’d love to be a part of the cast! The messages behind each video are super inspiring and just so valuable to anyone and everyone who needs to hear it/see it! Thank you SO much for making these wonderful videos, Dhar! Hugs from me in San Diego.

    Posted Dec 15th
  • Masseleno Francis

    This video s change lives

    Posted Dec 3rd

    Need a cast section…would love to know the actors and follow them on social

    Posted Nov 27th
  • Leon lipschitz

    If there is anyone that is making a difference it is you and your incredible cast with these inspirations
    You guys are really out to better the world
    It’s a privilege to know you

    Posted Nov 3rd
  • Leon lipschitz

    If there is anyone that is making a difference it is you and your incredible cast with these inspirations

    Posted Nov 3rd
  • Cellene

    What’s the guy who plays “The Nerd” at ‘Bully makes fun of Bully , lives to regret his decision’ ?

    Posted Sep 21st
  • Judy

    Please do a video on Kindness to animals. Thank you and God Bless you.

    Posted Sep 12th
  • Coby Persin

    what’s the name of actor & actress of saddest gift ever video?

    Posted Sep 9th
  • David Szczepanik

    As a loyal fan who totally enjoys all your productions, this ‘behind the scenes’ clip made it all so real. Thank you all for your talent and commitment to DHAR’s cause.

    Posted Aug 17th
  • Michele Furley-smith

    Your videos are cool, informative and hits many chords for people in so many emotional ways. Tgank you for them. Your actors and actresses are wonderful and so gifted on how many ways they switch characters.its hard to pick a favorite. Keep bringing more subjects.

    Posted Aug 13th
  • Lin

    Can you please leave the actors names as it is difficult hear them.

    Posted Aug 10th
  • Anna

    You need to post the full names of the actors, with photos and their contact information including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. As these videos, while great, we don’t really get to hear their full names.

    Posted Jul 26th
  • Doctor Seus

    What about the guy who normally goes to Earl’s house cause I didn’t see him. He normally plays the husband. Kinda odd

    Posted Jul 20th
  • Doctor Seus

    What about the guy who normally goes to Earl’s house cause I didn’t see him. He normally plays the husband.

    Posted Jul 20th
  • Angelic

    Hi I didn’t hear the last few actors names.

    Posted Jul 11th
  • Vanesa Prasanna

    Nice celebrities and I experience some people are not in this video

    Posted Jul 11th
  • James

    With some of my life experiences I have some ideas on videos mr dhar can make i would love to share my ideas with him

    Posted Jul 10th
    • Sand

      I love your videos. It helps me a lot. Maybe you can make one showing the husband you can’t hold on to his wife’s past. So I can post it on my wall. Because people don’t live for the past.

      Posted Oct 5th
  • Lucy Bryant

    You guys really encourage and inspire me!!! It’s somethings i want to do in life but never had the courage to even try, but you have been a blessing to me in helping me to believe in my self!!! I can do it!!!
    Thank You sooooo much, keep up the good work

    Posted Jun 19th
  • Sil

    I didn’t hear the second actress say her name! I would love to know all of their names!!!

    Posted Jun 5th

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