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I put together some of my sayings about life, love and business to help you focus on the things that matter. I hope these Dhar Mann quotes give you a boost for this week! Get daily inspirational messages to you from me, just download my FREE MOBILE APP! Click a link below to get the app:

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Dhar Mann Quotes To Inspire

lifes better with someone that always got your back dhar mann quote

Dhar Mann quote about life

Dhar Mann quote about success

Dhar mann quote on love

Dhar Mann quote on relationships

Dhar Mann quotes on being happy

Dhar Mann motivational quote

Dhar Mann inspirational quote

Dhar Mann quote about having amazing relationships

Dhar Mann quote image

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25 Comments for "Dhar Mann Quotes"

  • Jojie Potestades

    I will always be a number 1 fan of this qoutes. Even the videos you shared every single one of them give us alot of memories and lesson. Hoping for more people to watch your videos

    Posted May 21st
  • Carmen Bracero

    I love all your videos and we need all possible and happiness you give us .thank you for you massages God bless you and your family

    Posted Apr 5th
  • Jahid

    I also want to become like Dhar, his videos are best of all.

    Posted Mar 22nd
  • Deng

    They are truly touching, love them

    Posted Mar 21st
  • Trish

    Thanks for your inspiration and showing the positive. I am going through a rough stretch financially watching your videos gives me hope

    Posted Mar 18th
  • Leslie Gabriel

    I was Just watching
    About compassion for strangers Anad that gives me so happy because other always tell me I’m fat when they see me in person but when I saw that video I can feel what Chelsea can feel…and I wish everyone can be Jake because he has Compassion for Strangers

    Posted Mar 17th
  • Blessed Favoured

    Thank you for always sharing encouraging and inspiring m•

    Posted Mar 15th
  • Kimon Thermos

    It’s easy to take everything we do in life for granted. Your videos put things back into perspective and help one to reflect on what they can do differently. Even here, down under, Oz. Keep up the great work.

    Posted Mar 14th
  • Mabel


    Posted Mar 13th
  • Mabel

    I just was watching Lewis how’s and you were there talking to him about your failures and success.I love that down to earth real story. I always look at your videos. Very encouraging and emotionally in tears sometimes. Keep up the good work.

    Posted Mar 7th
  • Dennis Martim

    Indeed your content on quotes touches so much to many.. may God fe you with more strength to encourage many in there life’s..

    Posted Mar 3rd
  • Roberto B. Pilar Pilar

    You posts and quotes provide inspiration and guidance. Keep posting please. Thanks and God bless us all. ? ❤️

    Posted Mar 1st

    I love every message osted by Dhar, either by video or text. They are inspiring

    Posted Feb 28th
  • Humphrey malaya

    God bless ? you

    Posted Feb 25th
  • Humphrey malaya

    Thank you and God bless ? you

    Posted Feb 25th
  • Myrna Lactaotao

    Your videos and quotes are timely and logical. Please keep on sharing and motivating as well.

    Posted Feb 22nd
  • Julio

    Thanks for the work u are doing for everyone u really teaching people how to change our life’s

    Posted Feb 6th
  • Carol Pendzick

    Your quotes are right on. I celebrate everyday with my best friend and husband. I have been so fortunate in my life. I finally found real love in my 70’s. We’ve only been married a couple of years. He treats me like I’m his queen and I treat him like my king. I was married before for a long time but I was so unappreciated and felt unloved.

    Posted Feb 6th
  • Jedidiah Kromah

    You had created very inspiring videos, thanks for that

    Posted Feb 6th
  • Rodgie Nieves

    When you are in the light, Everything follows you, But when you enters into the dark, Even your own shadow doesn’t follow you.

    Posted Jan 31st
  • Ojaswita Vashisht

    These quotes are Uplifting lives ??

    Posted Jan 31st
  • Jennifer soniga

    Thanks for the inspiring quotes nd video’s,love much of it

    Posted Jan 23rd
  • Scholastica ILoghalu

    Great quotes, great videos and I just earned the top fan- Diamond badge. I would like to be part of your team- acting and other things too. I will send you a text too to seee my number for contacts. Your story resonated with mine too. Ups and downs in life……

    Posted Dec 31st
  • Tanu Sethi

    These quotes are amazing loved all of them

    Posted Dec 12th
  • Brenda Jones

    I love all of them!

    Posted Nov 28th

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