Dhar Mann & Laura G Relationship Q&A

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Dhar Mann and Girlfriend Laura G interview Q and A
Dhar Mann and fiancée Laura G answer questions about their relationship

Laura and I often get asked questions about our relationship so we thought we’d do a fun Q&A together!  We asked our supporters to come up with some questions and out of the hundreds of submissions (some are quite entertaining!) we answered 10 of them below… here we go!

Dhar Mann & Laura G Questions!

Question #1 for Dhar: What did you think of Laura when you first met her?

Dhar Mann: I was like… daaaannnngggg who is THAT!?  Haha, just kidding. Kind of. It’s a really funny story how I met Laura.  We have an inside joke that we got married the day we met.

I was living and working in my small studio apartment in Hollywood. I had just started my company LiveGlam, a cosmetics brand.  At the time I was partnering with popular makeup artists to teach online makeup classes. One day Laura happened to be the model for a bridal makeup class.

Laura ends up arriving on time and everyone else is late (no surprise there).  So the first time I met Laura she was in my living room with no makeup on waiting for the makeup artist to arrive. Probably not the most comfortable way to meet someone! 

The makeup artist arrives and teaches the bridal makeup class using Laura as her model. To complete the look, Laura got fully decked out- full wedding dress, bridal veil and all.

The class was a big success. To celebrate, we all decided to go out for drinks after it was over. Laura wore the only outfit she had, the wedding dress, and I coincidentally happened to be wearing a long, white button-up shirt.

Everywhere we went, people thought we had just gotten married. After trying to clarify all night we eventually gave up and just went along with it.  We were getting congratulated left and right even though we had just met. It was a fun, crazy night to say the least.

So that’s a long way of saying I definitely thought Laura was fun, and a little crazy, but in a good way!

Dhar Mann and Laura G Q and A
Dhar Mann and fiancée Laura G at the LiveGlam Studio

Question #2 for Laura: What was your first impression of Dhar?

Laura G: That he was a creep!! LOL I first saw him at a makeup convention (before I knew he was in the industry) he was walking around with another guy, and I thought “This guy is a creep, what is he doing walking around a makeup convention, must be here to check out the ladies” HAHA. Then a few months later I’m walking into his studio (I had no idea) to be a model for an Online makeup tutorial. That day turned out to be pretty fun and I realized that my creep radar was way off! LOL

Dhar Mann and Laura G answer relationship questions
Dhar Mann and Laura G following an annual tradition at The Ivy in Los Angeles

Question #3 for Dhar: You say Laura helped you become successful, how so?

Dhar Mann: I owe so much of my success to Laura.  Not only is Laura the Creative Director and driving force behind LiveGlam, a cosmetics company I founded, but more importantly, she helped me become the man I needed to be in order to succeed.  

Laura helped me think long-term and be patient. My whole life I was always trying to take shortcuts to success and wanting results quickly. She helped me realize that if you stick to something long enough and have patience it will eventually work out.

She helped me understand the importance of doing things the right way and creating something I would be proud of.  She helped me transition my focus from being profit-driven to being purpose-driven. And that changed everything.

I can say without a doubt if it wasn’t for her I would not be the entrepreneur or man I am today.

Dhar Mann and Laura G in Los Angeles, California
Dhar Mann and Laura G, Co-Founders of LiveGlam

Question #4 for Laura: Is it hard being in a relationship and working together? What are the pros/cons?

Laura G: It definitely took some time to get use to and at times it can be challenging but Dhar and I both have the same end goal and have learned where we both excel in the company, so we try to give each other full control over the things that we are good at. I’m in charge of making things Glam and he’s in charge or making things go Live. It’s such a rewarding feeling getting to build something with someone you love, I feel like it’s made our connection stronger. I would say the only con is never being able to escape work, it goes home with us…luckily we are both doing something that we love and are truly passionate about.

Dhar Mann and Laura G on a jet
Dhar Mann and Laura G travel for a special Holiday Party

Question #5 for Dhar: From social media it looks like your love story is one out of a modern day fairytale- do you two ever argue?

Dhar Mann: 100%.  We argue probably just as much as any couple because in many ways we see the world differently.  She’s more detail focused and I’m more big picture. She’s more of a planner and I like to go with the flow.  She’s more risk adverse and I’m more of a risk taker. She strives for perfection and I can usually live with “good enough”. She spends more time appreciating what we have and I’m always pushing for more.

We have lots of differences in how we see the world, but we’ve come to realize it’s those differences that make us such great partners.  She helps me see things I would typically miss and I help strengthen her where she needs help.

For instance, my tendency to act quickly and make decisions fast help us move forward in a lot of ways.  But her patience and attention to detail help prevent me from making a lot of costly mistakes. So my ambition gets us moving but her precision keeps us from crashing into the walls.

We’ve learned to respect our differences and see them as an asset that helps us learn from each other and grow stronger.  Anytime we have a disagreement, we always spend a lot of time discussing it and coming to a good understanding. We let each other make decisions even if we disagree because it’s important to empower your partner and let them see things on their own.

Almost 100% of the time after an argument we end up learning something new or having a better understanding of each other.  And that’s really the important part: it’s okay to have disagreements, just make sure to invest the necessary time learning from them to improve your relationship. That’s how two people in a relationship can turn one plus one into three.

Dhar Mann & Girlfriend Laura G Bali
Dhar Mann & fiancée Laura G in Bali celebrating her birthday

Question #6 for Laura: What’s one thing about Dhar you wish you could change?

Laura G: I wish he would see himself as capable and amazing as I do. Dhar is super successful and intelligent but he is his own worst critic. I feel like he is too hard on himself at times and it’s hard for him to celebrate his wins/accomplishments. He works so hard and does so much for others, I want him to feel the same joy and happiness that he brings to others.

Dhar Mann and Laura G photoshoot 2018
Dhar Mann and Laura G During the Holidays

Question #7 for Dhar: Have you met Laura’s family?  What was that like?

Dhar Mann: I have. It feels like I’ve known Laura’s family forever, but it’s been less than a year.

I met Laura’s family at her sister’s wedding.  Laura was with her sister, so I was wandering the wedding by myself and quite nervous.  Laura’s cousin happens to recognize me from a photo and helps introduce me to everyone.

The first group she introduces me to is a group of macho-looking, well-dressed men, who happened to be Laura’s dad, brothers, and uncles- all in one circle (*gulp). You can imagine how nervous I was walking up to this big group of guys.  

I was terrified thinking everyone was going to either hate me or drill me with questions, but to my surprise everyone was beyond nice.  They were so hospitable and made me feel really welcome.

Now I feel just as close to her family as I do my own. We all hang out together pretty often and have gone on a couple of trips. They’re really incredible people with big hearts and a lot of fun.  I’m blessed to have such great people in my life.

Question #8 for Laura: You two travel a lot, where was your favorite place and why?

Laura GDang, this is a hard one to answer because we have been to so many amazing places together…but I would have to say the Maldives. The resort that we stayed at was beyond beautiful it was literally straight out of a postcard. It had the whitest sand, bluest water, the most relaxing over water villas, yummiest exotic fruit,  and the people there were so nice and friendly. Normally Dhar and I are constantly on the go when we travel but this time we had 5 nights to just relax, unwind, and really enjoy each others company. Some of my favorite things during that trip were: getting to bike around the island together, jumping in the Indian ocean, feeding the fish, and watching some beautiful sunsets.

Dhar Mann and Laura G in the Maldives
Dhar Mann and Laura G in the Maldives

Question #9 for Dhar: So everyone’s dying to know… what are your plans for the future?  

Dhar Mann: Laura and I are beyond excited for our future together. I’m really glad we took our time to build our relationship the right way and to create a solid foundation. We’ve both grown so much over the years– both as individuals and together. It’s been a great ride and I feel so lucky to get to hang out with my best friend every day.

It’s also great that although our priorities might be a little different (I’m a workaholic and she reminds me to stop and smell the flowers), our values are the same.  We both value having a strong relationship with God, our families and each other. We want to give back and help others as much as possible.

I think 2019 is going to be a big year for us.  God willing, we’ve got plans to start a family together. We hope to have a few kids so I have feeling I’ll be ring shopping pretty soon.

I’m just so lucky to have Laura in my life. We both have this incredible vision for the future. It’s a great feeling to be on an exciting journey together with someone you love and that loves you back.

Dhar Mann and Laura G relationship Q and A
Dhar Mann and Laura G in Bali for her Birthday

Question #10 for Laura: Where do you see your relationship in 10 years?

Laura GOMG, in 10 years I will be 42, ahhh!! I really love our life/relationship and I pray that it continues to get stronger and we continue to excel and grow as individuals and together. God willing we will have a couple kids, dogs, our families close by, and we will still be working hard on our goals and business and helping people around the world. We will probably continue to travel, especially since Dhar will be speaking on stages across the world. No matter where life leads us, as long as it leads us together then I will be happy.

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