Dhar Mann Giveaways


Dhar Mann Giveaways

Hey #DharMannFam! While I am so happy to offer giveaways to my amazing fans, I often get asked about the many fake profiles of me that are all over the Internet. So here’s some information about what my team is doing and where you can find my OFFICIAL profiles! If you see anyone message or comment that you won a giveaway please know:

  1. I will NEVER ask for your bank account or credit card info. I have nothing to sell. My advice, videos, and inspirational messages are always FREE to you! If anyone is sending friend requests, messages or claims that you have won a giveaway- it’s not me! Don’t get scammed!
  2. My official profiles have a BLUE check mark next to the name. Those are my only profiles that I run, so please check who is reaching out to you!
  3. I can’t do anything about this besides reporting the accounts and working with the authorities to catch these people. We will catch them, but in the meantime- PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

It makes me so sad that people are trying to take advantage of others especially with all that is going on in the world. Let’s not let their negativity stop us from our mission of spreading positivity around the world! Please follow my ONLY official social media accounts below!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dharmannofficial/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dhar.mann/
YouTube: https://bit.ly/DharMannYouTube
YouTube Couples Vlog: http://bit.ly/DharAndLauraYouTube
TikTok: https://bit.ly/34P7DQR

20 Comments for "Dhar Mann Giveaways"

  • Ja'Rae marve

    Dhar Mann I love your videos when you changing live

    Posted Jul 31st
  • Shiraleen Hiebner

    Good day Dhar man I received a You win message but I’m not sure the name on your profile shows Kastrol Tutung saying it is a nick name please confirm

    Posted Jul 30th
    • DharMann

      Thanks for letting me know. Please be careful of fake accounts that are sending friend requests and messages. Kindly report them to Facebook. I appreciate your help!

      Posted Sep 8th
  • Shiraleen Hiebner

    Hi Dhar Mann

    I’m from South Africa watching your videos has changed the way I look at life your videos has taught me to be more giving, sharing, kind and humble I have become a changed
    Thank you

    Posted Jul 30th
  • Lori Kay Simmons

    I love your videos and I always share them the messages are so insperational that I can not, not share them. They resonate with me so much because that is how I was raised. Thank you for the insperation that you provide for others to see. I really appreciate you and your videos ❤️.

    Posted Jul 30th
  • Aqsa Zulfiqar

    When I m sad and felling depressed, low and faliure that I can’t do anything I must watch your videos and learn a lesson your videos are such meaning full and full of lessons that change my whole mood and inspire, motivate me that don’t take light yourself and believe yourself feed your mind with truth and faith….

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Haseeb

    Dhar man you’re making me change live to thanks Dhrman

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Takudzwa Mandiriri

    I always watch your vidoes

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Demetria

    I definitely agree with you!

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Khashif

    You are the best dhar mann

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Diane

    I love your videos I had to heart breaks within a week of each other although my marriage was not Equal every specs to other people outside our relationship and that’s why I can appreciate your videos because it has me to see that there are good men out fear

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Keith Byrnes

    Dharmann, your video’s are great!

    Posted Jul 28th
  • Cyrell luigi C. Macalindong

    You help me realized everything man your a eye opener for all who’s down for the time like now your message really touch my heart i would like to share your videos to my friends my family keep it up man.godbless keep safe your family

    Posted Jul 28th
  • Leesa

    I have sent through the text and email and msg o. Fb about a fake msg about a winning. Will unfriend and be careful. Just thought id let know i have notified.

    Posted Jul 28th
  • Tameka Davis

    How can I work for your studio as an actor, I don’t have any experience but in m willing to learn. I watch your videos on fb and follow your page. The videos are inspiring and insightful.

    Posted Jul 27th
  • Tevez

    U have made a big change in my life. Keep it up.I had never won an giveaway if u won I thank you.

    Posted Jul 27th
  • Vanessa Merriman

    Thank you for all you do to motivate your texts always come at the right moment if you ever do seminars in florida I would love to go to one

    Posted Jul 20th
  • Jeff Day

    Love your work! Just watched Poor Daugher Teaches Rich Daughter The One Thing That Her Dan Can’t Buy Her. Great episode, and your message at the end brought me to tears – best message ever. And it had me think about how I sometimes put money first over time. It woke me up.

    Also wanted to let you know I got hit up in Facebook Messenger from one of those fake profiles claiming to be you. I took a picture of the info so if you need me to send that to you, I can.

    Keep doing what your doing Brother!

    Posted Jul 20th
  • Leonora Dioso

    Once i saw your video on my fb, its inspires me to see and i love watching those videos. I’ll keep watching your videos.

    Posted Jul 19th
  • Mekeshia Kimbrough

    I love watching your stories!! Inspiring

    Posted Jul 18th

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