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Who is Dhar Mann?

Dhar Mann is a mission-driven entrepreneur with 99 Million social media followers and one of the highest viewed content creators in the world today with over 50 Billion views. Dhar focuses on developing ideas that have a massive impact and have helped change the lives of people all across the globe.

Dhar’s business experience extends across many industries including real estate, transportation, franchising, cosmetics, subscriptions, social media, motivation and filmmaking. His story, business and life tips have been shared on Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times, Inc., BuzzFeed and many more. 

Dhar Mann: Entrepreneur at Heart

Dhar launched his first business, a real estate mortgage brokerage, at the age of 19 while studying at University of California, Davis. Before he could legally drink he had 3 offices, 25+ employees and was funding millions of dollars in real estate loans. At 21-years old, Dhar was already making more than his college professors. As the company grew, Dhar dropped out of college to focus solely on the business, but after pressure from his family, he eventually went back and earned his degree in Economics and Political Science.

Dhar Mann and Ella Rose

Dhar Mann and his baby girl Ella Rose

Dhar later expanded his real estate ventures to include property management and buying and selling property. He remains active in real estate today.

Dhar Mann, Laura G and Ella Rose

Dhar, Laura and Ella Rose

LiveGlam CEO and Founder

In 2015, Dhar Mann started LiveGlam, an award-winning beauty subscription company. LiveGlam began as an online makeup school, but after partnering with his fiancée and well-known beauty influencer Laura G, he expanded the company to start manufacturing its own cosmetic products. All products LiveGlam manufacturers are vegan and cruelty-free.

dhar mann liveglam owner new beginning

Dhar Mann, LiveGlam Founder

Today LiveGlam generates 8-figures in annual revenue with a global team of 100+ members, 2MM social media followers, and 10MM+ products shipped. In addition to working with some of the best in the beauty industry, LiveGlam has been featured in Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, PopSugar, Elle, InStyle and many more. 

Dhar is currently the CEO of LiveGlam today.

Influential Filmmaker and Entrepreneur 

In 2018, he founded Dhar Mann Studios, one of the fastest-growing social media content creation companies worldwide. Dhar Mann Studios creates viral inspirational videos on life, business, and relationships that have been viewed over 50 Billion times. These videos depict real-life situations shown by actors that teach important life lessons, driven by Dhar’s personal experience of success and failure.
dhar mann the motivational speaker

Dhar Mann Studios is a mission-led company on track to have more views than any other individual or company in the world. Dhar’s mission for creating content is simple: We’re not just telling stories, we’re changing lives.

In 2021, Dhar released his first mobile app which was ranked #1 globally in the Apple Store. You can download the app for free on iPhone and Android. In the same year, YouTube named Mann as the #2 Top Content Creator in the United States on their platform.

The Father and Family Man

myla sky, ella rose, dhar mann and laura g september photoshoot

Even as an entrepreneur, Dhar focuses on maintaining a strong and happy personal life outside of work. That includes scheduling plenty of time to travel with his fiancée Laura and spending time with his two baby girls Ella Rose and Myla Sky! You can keep up with the latest on the family on their vlog channel.

Want to learn more about Dhar Mann? Follow him on social media to join the #DharMannFam so you can become a part of his mission to change lives too!

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  • Andrea Little

    Dear dhar Mann am frame Jamaica and I love your store and would like to tell you that you make a big difference in my life God bless you

    Posted Jul 28th
  • Yarjane

    Very good

    Posted Apr 17th
  • Lakeitha Gay

    Hi I love your positivity how can I be apart of this…. I am interested in acting out some of the skits.

    Posted Nov 26th
  • Jessica Joseph

    I am from South Africa and I am so glad I got to read your story. Its wonderful to read about your perseverance and tenacity and you are such an encouragement to everyone. You have truly found your purpose in life.

    Posted Oct 31st
  • CesyLiaah

    O-M-G! This is the most inspiring story I have ever read! I’m so glad I came across this! As corny as this may sound, I feel like I stumbled upon this when I needed it the most! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. ❤️

    Posted Jul 11th
  • Bolanle

    Great achievement

    Posted Jul 5th
  • Mutiu Olatunde

    I really love ur video nd i learn from it

    Posted Jun 18th
  • Michelle

    ✨ ❤️❤️ Hi Laura And Dhar!!
    I never win anything but is worth a shot lol.
    I really hope on God that I get to win it we truly be a blessing!!
    It would be an amazing feeling to treat my husband of five years to something special. It’s been a long time since we been out on a date alone. That I was really looking forward to valentines since we had planned to go to dinner and just enjoyed each other’s company. But since he hasn’t really worked we had to cancel our plans ? which really sucks because we really need alone time to reconnect since all the time we are just worried about how we going to get through the week. But if we don’t win I still hope whoever does win enjoys it ? and that god blessed y’all two for always doing nice things for others!! Well I hope y’all have an amazing Valentines!! ❤️❤️ ✨

    My favorite tip is the first one that says to not only become a social influencer for the money but because you enjoy it and love it because I feel that you have to love everything you do in order to succeed!

    Posted Feb 13th
  • Heather Witherow

    This is my entry for the Dhar & Laura giveaway. Thankyou for the opportunity! ?
    My mom would be my date. For the past two years, I’ve been sick, and forced to undergo a lot of tests, and they only now found the problem. She’s been my number one supporter through it all: Caring for me when I was so sick I couldn’t get up, making foods that worked with the strict diets the doctors put me on, providing moral support. She deserves to be treated to a fancy dinner and shopping spree because she is a super hero to me.

    My favorite tip from your article is about being authentic and choosing a partnership that best represents you and what you do.

    Posted Feb 13th
  • Delailah Atta

    Delailah Atta from Tracy, California. Hoping for and opportunity to submit this entry for the Dhar & Laura giveaway. This would be a chance for my husband and I to actually plan a real vacation. We would take this opportunity to make it happen and go the Maldives. I think it’s wonderful how you and Laura bring out the best in one another and I look forward to seeing more of these positive videos and posts

    Posted Nov 15th
  • Stefanie King

    I would LOVE to take my boyfriend on our dream trip to Canada. He talks about going to Canada literally every single day. My boyfriend is one of the best people on this planet. I don’t know where i would be without him. Since we were sophomores in high school I lived with him because my family was having a lot of money issues and had to move into a one bedroom hotel with my mom, step dad, brother and sister. so there was obviously no room for me. Throughout all I was going through at the time with my family’s money problems, my boyfriend was MY ROCK. I couldn’t possibly ask for someone more loving and supportive. even though we were only 15 him and his family took me in. ever since he has given me everything I could ever want. We are now 21 and are juniors in college! We are definitely broke college students. We were already saving literally every penny to try to go to canada the second week of march, but my car broke down and had to use what we saved to fix it. He supports me so much with everything I do, emotionally and financially. I would love to be able to give something to him for once. who knows where i would be without him. If i could just do ONE thing for him, I would be so greatful. I love yalls relationship, it is definitely one to look up too. y’all are literally the ultimate goals. Even if I don’t win i’m greatful for the opportunity!! Love y’all!!
    my favorite tip from Dhar is ENGAGE with your followers! y’all do so much to engage with your supporters and trust me everyone appreciates it!!
    (we are from fort worth texas!)

    Posted Nov 8th
  • Iris

    Hi you guys! Thankyou for doing this generous giveaway, I have so much respect for you guys for giving back, especially when you go out and prepare food for the homeless, you guys are awesome. For the vacation giveaway I would like to nominate my mom. We are here in California. Ever since i could remember, my mom has been my rock. She raised me and my brother all by herself. She would find work cleaning houses, laundrymats, selling food, finding any type of way to keep a roof over our head and keeping food on the table. She made sure we had clean and when possible new clothes, while she shopped at second hand stores for herself. Me and my brother began working at 15 in fast food to help her and now i am thankful to god that we are able to show our appreciation for everything she did for us by taking care of her. I dont know where she would like to go, but i can say this..she is the most grateful person i know, and she would be eternally grateful to you guys for gifting her a trip. (Thanks again you two, love u)
    Ps. Dhar i think your buzzfeed article was on point. My favorite advice you gave for influencers starting out is to stick to one area of expertise. I say that because theres lots of pages out there that have too much content of different subjects and it definitely will lose a viewers interest if they came on to your page looking for one subject that caught their attention and they get a load of bunch of unrelated content. So great advice!

    Posted Nov 8th
  • Ashley Garza

    My name is Ashley Garza I am from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and I would LOVE to got to Mykonos, Greece!!! ?? The person I will bring along with me would be my mother❤️ this trip is very important to me because I come from a family and we never have enough money to travel. ? My mother is a hard-working woman, she faces battles that may seem simple to others but they’re huge to her and myself. She has 6 kids and 2 dogs who love her to death !! Someway somehow she always provides us a hot meal, shoes, clothes, and a roof over our very own head like it’s nothing but an everyday routines.❤️ We live in a three bedroom house with 8 people and 2 pets, imagine the chaos that comes with that. My month we had always wanted to travel the world but she has never been as far as Dallas, Texas. This is her dream that I want to help make come true!!! ❤️❤️ Not only is this trip and money important to me but I know it would be something my mother WOULD NEVER FORGET!! ❤️

    My favorite tip would be “Write awesome captions” because not only want you post should catch the attention of the reader but it should also tell them a story, with your caption as the title! ❤️

    Posted Nov 8th
  • Talin

    Hello Dhar & Laura!?❤️ I live in Glendale and although my dream vacation would be Greece ?? I would have to say a reasonable destination would be Alaska. My husband and I never went on a honeymoon due to work and health related issues. He felt bad about it and told me that wen though we hadn’t gone on a honeymoon that we would go on small trips in the future and call them manymoon trips lol. We have been together 14 years and married 4 of those years. The last four have been challenging in both health and Finances and we have yet to go on a honeymoon or start our plans for the manymoon trips. With the $1000 we would be able to kickstart our manymoom trips (won’t be enough for a dream trip, but it’s more than enough for a small getaway). Also, I would favorite trip you guys went to would be Mykonos ??. Thank you to the both of you for this great giveaway. ???

    Posted Nov 4th
  • Nicole Johnson

    Wow glad I came across this! I learned so much about Dhar!

    Posted Nov 3rd
  • Chinnie Wong

    I would love to go to Maldives with my boyfriend!

    Posted Nov 3rd
    • Amber

      Hello my name is Amber and I live in Apple Valley California. For this trip I would take my husband and we would want to go to Hawaii. We really love the beach and have never gone there. This would be important to us because we never had a honeymoon and would like to go somewhere alone to spend quality time with each other. We also work opposite schedules and a little time off together would be great.
      My favorite tip from the buzzfeed article is to commit to a consistent schedule.

      Posted Nov 4th

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