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Dhar Mann book

Hey there, it’s Dhar! 

You may be here because you’ve seen a book with my picture on it featured in some of my videos. I’ve been busy planting these easter eggs throughout my content as a preview of what’s to come! Check out some cameo’s my book has made in my videos below:

Since putting my book into my videos I’ve been getting tons of questions asking… does Dhar have a book out?! And if so, how can it be purchased!?  

I hate to burst any bubbles, BUT- the book title “The Brain Trust” is actually a fake prop used in my videos. It is not an actual book written by me… YET! 

I definitely do have plans to come out with a book. But as you all know, my time is really focused on writing scripts for amazing videos that you all love! And the last thing I would want to do is shift my attention towards I’m focused on creating even more awesome videos but a book will definitely be in the works soon!  

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For those of you who have been waiting patiently and letting me know you do want me to come out with a book: THANK YOU! You loving the content I put out drives me every day to become a better man. Thank you for watching, thank you for waiting, thank you for asking. And I promise, I’ll have it for you soon. But until then, I’ll see you in the next video!!

31 Comments for "Dhar Mann Book"

  • Atonia Young

    Love inspiring videos that always is tell a positive message about how to show compassion toward others, showing that money doesn’t make you happy nor does it make or strengthen a family, love does, don’t walk away from someone that loves you Unconditionally; you might live to regret it, helping others makes a change and can make you happy too and being considerate etc… These messages are a blessing ?. My prayers are with you and your family.

    Posted Jul 29th
  • Sandra Vicente

    God bless you always,and you’re family,you’re videos are a part of everyday life,they are Inspirational,I love ❤️ watching them.

    Posted Jul 20th
  • Quentin Davis

    I love your videos bro

    Posted Jul 17th
  • Brittany

    Your videos have helped me to see life and people in a different & positive way.

    Posted Jul 16th
  • Little buster Brown

    I love watching your videos. It taught me a lot. And to honest its changed my life and how I think about life and how I treated people. Thank you so much

    Posted Jul 14th
  • Ron Holahan

    Ive been watching your videos for months. Ive laughed,cried, got pissed(at thr character/ many play great heels as well as the hero so to speck. It’s a shame no book. On the positive side though. Keep making videos il keep watching AND sharing them. You have a great team. Keep up the great work.

    Posted Jul 12th
  • Robin Williams

    I love your viedos can’t wait to see your book.thank you you have inspired me in a lot of the viedos thank you be safe and enjoy your beautiful family

    Posted Jul 11th
  • Tin lazatin

    I love your all video im always watching thank you very i releat?????

    Posted Jul 9th
  • Oly Pangilinan Rumeral

    Amazing video changes lives and more lesson inlife

    Posted Jul 7th
  • Deborah Ramsey

    Oh wow looking forward to your book coming out and your prayers videos are so inspirational. I just love looking at Ella Rose. What a beauty. Did you know that there are a lot of scammers out there using your name or photo to tell people they have won 10 thousand dollars from you?

    Posted Jun 18th
  • Ravi Singh Parmar

    Hi Dhar, i have recently started watching your videos. I find them so inspirational and love looking forward to the next one getting released. Keep up the good work you and your team do. Looking forward to your book release. ?

    Posted May 21st
  • Sahithi

    I am 17yr girl from India your videos made me so inspired and I wish I could meet you some day

    Posted May 19th
  • Kathy

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! When may I purchase a copy of the book and where?

    Posted May 18th
  • Anna Carter

    You have changed my life because of your videos

    Posted May 13th
  • Khushi

    I love your inspirational videos and quotes, they keep me calm and tell me there are good people in the world.

    Posted May 12th
  • Shamon L Gilbert

    I really love all of your content. I’m so excited to learn more and more each time I watch one of your videos! I’m looking forward to a book by you and I pray God guides you into that part of your journey of success!

    Posted May 11th
  • Sheila Devores

    I love watching each and every video and have watched them all. In each one you are really hitting the nail on the head for real. Keep them coming and I will keep watching. Congratulations on your beautiful little angel.

    Posted May 9th
  • jayden blakeslee

    Remember your not just telling stories your changing my life!! Thank you your the best!!!!.

    Posted May 9th
  • Nav

    My kids and I enjoy watching the videos. I watch them when I feel down and watching these videos help me look at things different.

    Posted May 8th
  • Christina Dawson

    I love all your videos. You have a beautiful family. Can’t wait to see your book.

    Posted May 7th
  • Swathi

    Am so excited about the book

    Posted Apr 28th
  • KellAnn Van Handel

    I love to read! But I have not read for a while. But, I will certainly want to be one of the 1st ones to get your book as I appreciate your inspirational stories. Thank you again! KellyAnn

    Posted Apr 24th
  • Zainab Kassas

    I love watching you’re video thank you so much you have changed my life. First I judged people and believed everything in social media but you changed me to another kind person

    Posted Apr 21st
  • Mondjia

    Thank you so much Mr Dhar Mann , you choose the right method in educating the lightly truth , and your material in that wonderful mission is the leçons of life ????????????????✅

    Posted Apr 20th
  • Ngekasora Uremena

    Thanks alot Dhar Mann, u are not just telling story, u are truly changing life. God blessed u!

    Posted Apr 14th
  • Rhoda

    Love love your videos and can’t wait for your book !!!!!! Thank you ?

    Posted Apr 14th
  • Boris GANGBE

    You are changing lives with these videos you’re sharing everyday. May God bless you and give you all you need to keep continuing that. I love you videos and I have watched hundreds of them from Facebook.
    Be blessed Dhar Mann.

    Posted Apr 13th
  • Dennis/"Mike the Mechanic"

    29 yrs sober 4/1/91
    I’ve not come across such instructions for life on life’s terms.
    Thank you dhar.
    I’m hoping to share with others your motivation if I may.
    ‘Mike the Mechanic’

    Posted Apr 7th
  • Julian Machota

    Hi Dhar Mann, I’am your biggest fan and I’am really looking for you book. God always guide you

    Posted Apr 6th
  • Andrew Tuson

    Thank you so much I really do enjoy watching all your videos I’m learning a lot

    Posted Mar 31st
  • Maria. Linda Jawili

    Im so enjoying watching all vedios u post. I releat some of theme. God always guide u

    Posted Mar 31st

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