Dhar Mann and Laura G, love at first sight?

Dhar Mann and Laura G like to joke about how “they got married the day they met.” And there’s a really good story behind that.

They met when Dhar was just beginning his company LiveGlam, a cosmetics brand, from his studio apartment in Hollywood, CA.

He was partnering with popular makeup influencers on Instagram to teach live online makeup classes.  On this specific day, one of the makeup influencers happened to be teaching a bridal makeup class and asked Laura to be her model. At the end of the class, to complete the bridal makeup look, Laura got fully decked out in the bridal veil and wedding dress.  

dhar mann and laura g the day they met
The first time Dhar Mann and Laura G met.

When the class was over, to celebrate its success, Dhar, Laura, the makeup artist, and a few friends went out for drinks. Laura only had her wedding dress to wear and Dhar was dressed up in a white button-up shirt. Everywhere they went, people thought they had just gotten married.  It was a fun, crazy night that they both remember fondly.

Friendship and Business

dhar mann and laura g couple photo
Dhar Mann and Laura G. friendship and partnership eventually blossomed into a relationship.

Laura and Dhar kept in touch as friends.  Since they worked in the same industry, they continued to support each other on various projects. Dhar loved the creative vision Laura had, and Laura admired Dhar’s operational savviness. Soon the two decided on a business partnership and Laura became the Creative Director and a Co-owner of LiveGlam.

The two soon realized they shared many of the same interests and values, including the importance of family, hard work and a love for travel. The friendship and partnership eventually blossomed into a relationship.

Get To Know Dhar Mann’s Girlfriend Laura G.

Dhar Mann’s girlfriend Laura G is well known as a beauty influencer and successful businesswoman with two million social media followers. Before she was known on social media, she put her creative talents to work as a wedding planner.

Laura first used Instagram to post pictures of the many details that went into her planning. One day she noticed her shoes perfectly matched the wedding scenery she was part of, and she snapped a quick picture. Within hours of uploading the photo, it went viral

All at once, people started reaching out to ask her about her shoes. So, she started posting her “shoe of the day” every day and she quickly grew a following. Eventually her page went from fashion, to beauty, to lifestyle and much more.

dhar mann and laura g relationship

Dhar Mann: Creating an Unforgettable Experience For Laura
Dhar and Laura each make efforts to show their love and affection through small, and sometimes not so small gestures.

One of the most personally meaningful experiences Laura had was the opportunity to meet Mariah Carey, someone she has admired her whole life.

For Laura, meeting Mariah Carey was one of the happiest moments of her life. For Dhar, experiencing her joy, became one of his happiest moments of his.

You can see the whole story here: Taking My Girlfriend to Meet Mariah Carey

For Dhar and Laura, it doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture is, what matters is the thought they put into it and the time they spend together.

Laura G and Dhar Mann Relationship Tip: Couples Should Travel Together

Laura G and Dhar Mann have found that traveling together strengthens their relationship. Whether packing their bags for an adventure near or far, traveling brings them closer together through sharing new experiences and working as a team when things go wrong.

Traveling as a couple can help you build a stronger, happier and more intimate relationship. Learn more by checking out, Why Couples Should Travel Together, a short video by Dhar and Laura to discover the 5 biggest benefits of traveling with your partner.

Dhar Mann Girlfriend Laura G: Creating a Healthy Relationship

Dhar Mann and Laura G have discovered thoughtfulness and intention go a long way in creating a healthy, happy relationship. They have built an incredible bond and continue to support each other both personally and professionally and have exciting plans for their future.

dhar mann and laura gurrola relationship tip

Stay in touch as the adventures unfold by following Dhar Mann on YouTube or Facebook where his life and relationship tips have been shared millions of times or Laura G on Instagram where she shares beauty tips and tutorials with her millions of fans.

18 thoughts on “Dhar Mann and Laura G: Creating a Lasting Relationship

    • Bijal says:

      I’m from London and I would love to go to Turkey! I would like to take my best friend who is also my boyfriend! We have both recently graduated and would love to celebrate! He is studying engineering and has gone on to do his masters and I’m at home currently looking after my mum post her surgery and so don’t really get much quality time together. It has been a dream of mine to go to go Cappadocia with all the hot air balloons! Such a scenic place, reminds me that the sky is the limit!
      My favourite tip is that consistency is key!
      I pray that you too always stay together so happily in love forever! So beautiful to see ❤️

  1. Natasha says:

    Dhar, I don’t know you or Laura personally, but I’m eagerly and (im)patiently waiting for you to pop the question to her. #nopressure LOL

  2. Liz N. says:

    I think traveling together can be good or bad. It really tests your relationship because things go wrong, plans change, etc. and you have to adapt and interact with your partner to solve them. I wouldn’t recommend it for new relationships (too stressful) but once you know how the other person responds to stress and change, it can be fun and help you grow closer!

  3. Julie H says:

    Seems like you two compliment each other really well. Great relationship advice that is universal to any couple. Thanks for the mini tips. Traveling together is such a must – but I agree with the comment above.. I think once you know more about each other. Not necessarily in a fresh brand new relationship. It may take too much of a toll lol. But definitely once you feel like you know the other person well enough.. then time doesn’t matter 🙂

  4. Talin says:

    Hello Dhar & Laura!😘❤️ I live in Glendale and although my dream vacation would be Greece 🇬🇷 I would have to say a reasonable destination would be Alaska. My husband and I never went on a honeymoon due to work and health related issues. He felt bad about it and told me that wen though we hadn’t gone on a honeymoon that we would go on small trips in the future and call them manymoon trips lol. We have been together 14 years and married 4 of those years. The last four have been challenging in both health and Finances and we have yet to go on a honeymoon or start our plans for the manymoon trips. With the $1000 we would be able to kickstart our manymoom trips (won’t be enough for a dream trip, but it’s more than enough for a small getaway). Also, I would favorite trip you guys went to would be Mykonos 👌🏼. Thank you to the both of you for this great giveaway. 🤞🏼💕

  5. Amber godinez says:

    Hello my name is Amber and I live in Apple Valley California. For this trip I would take my husband and we would want to go to Hawaii. We really love the beach and have never gone there. This would be important to us because we never had a honeymoon and would like to go somewhere alone to spend quality time with each other. We also work opposite schedules and a little time off together would be great.
    My favorite tip from the buzzfeed article is to commit to a consistent schedule.

  6. BIBI NARINE says:

    I live in New York and would love to go Los Angeles California. I would love to carry my husband. This trip is very important to me is because me and my husband has been working double jobs to achieve our goals in life like having a family one day and had never get an opportunity to take a vacation and it’s been 4 years since we married. Tip # 10 has given me the motivation I need to keep going.

  7. Monika says:

    Hi! I’m from NY and I like to go to Cali with my bf! We’re in a long distance relationship and haven’t seen each other in months since we are both busy med students. We’ve missed spending our anniversary and birthdays together and this trip would mean a lot to us.

  8. Hadiya says:

    Hi my name is Hadiya and I recently got married well religiously and me and my hubby would love to go to Disneyland we never got to go on a vacation together in our life’s we quickly got married and we had our baby boy he is 6 months our blessing ! 💙 and we have been stressed constantly it’s a hard confusing situation I wish I could explain more but this would be a big help for me and my family we were recently deciding to save up to go but this GREAT !!!!! Opportunity came up and this was really a sign help is here I put a last comment saying help hasn’t really been on our side well until today and seeing this I couldn’t be more happier I hope you guys see this and decide to choose us thank you so much 🔑💯✈️

  9. Iris says:

    Hi you guys! Thankyou for doing this generous giveaway, I have so much respect for you guys for giving back, especially when you go out and prepare food for the homeless, you guys are awesome. For the vacation giveaway I would like to nominate my mom. We are here in California. Ever since i could remember, my mom has been my rock. She raised me and my brother all by herself. She would find work cleaning houses, laundrymats, selling food, finding any type of way to keep a roof over our head and keeping food on the table. She made sure we had clean and when possible new clothes, while she shopped at second hand stores for herself. Me and my brother began working at 15 in fast food to help her and now i am thankful to god that we are able to show our appreciation for everything she did for us by taking care of her. I dont know where she would like to go, but i can say this..she is the most grateful person i know, and she would be eternally grateful to you guys for gifting her a trip. (Thanks again you two, love u)
    Ps. Dhar i think your buzzfeed article was on point. My favorite advice you gave for influencers starting out is to stick to one area of expertise. I say that because theres lots of pages out there that have too much content of different subjects and it definitely will lose a viewers interest if they came on to your page looking for one subject that caught their attention and they get a load of bunch of unrelated content. So great advice!

  10. Stefanie King says:

    (LOOOVE is one, such a great story)

    I would LOVE to take my boyfriend on our dream trip to Canada. He talks about going to Canada literally every single day. My boyfriend is one of the best people on this planet. I don’t know where i would be without him. Since we were sophomores in high school I lived with him because my family was having a lot of money issues and had to move into a one bedroom hotel with my mom, step dad, brother and sister. so there was obviously no room for me. Throughout all I was going through at the time with my family’s money problems, my boyfriend was MY ROCK. I couldn’t possibly ask for someone more loving and supportive. even though we were only 15 him and his family took me in. ever since he has given me everything I could ever want. We are now 21 and are juniors in college! We are definitely broke college students. We were already saving literally every penny to try to go to canada the second week of march, but my car broke down and had to use what we saved to fix it. He supports me so much with everything I do, emotionally and financially. I would love to be able to give something to him for once. who knows where i would be without him. If i could just do ONE thing for him, I would be so greatful. I love yalls relationship, it is definitely one to look up too. y’all are literally the ultimate goals. Even if I don’t win i’m greatful for the opportunity!! Love y’all!!
    my favorite tip from Dhar is ENGAGE with your followers! y’all do so much to engage with your supporters and trust me everyone appreciates it!!
    (we are from fort worth texas!)

  11. Alrawda Abdullatif Abdulhaleem says:

    I am from Sudan and very eager to go to Vinnese with mum, she was a single mother for very long time and I really wanna to give her this unexpected dream vacation.

  12. Kennywright says:

    I’ve always sit and thought about myself I’ve always helping someone else and I will do this until I take my last breath I’m planning on putting everything I have to the side for a week and becoming homeless leaving my wife my daughter and my five-year-old son and becoming homeless so I will know firsthand what it feels like not to have nothing I have been blessed by God to have plenty so I would take the money to actually help the homeless on my way Journey let them know it ain’t too late to become a winner because to me we’re all winners I would love to place homeless people and a home for as long as the money would allow it at least they would know what it felt like to have shelter for a little while so that’s what I would do with the money I would look out for someone else before I look out for myself

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