CEO Talks Down To Janitor, Wife Teaches Him A Lesson


Many people experience success and then forget about the people that helped them get there ? Watch this inspirational story where a husband realizes his wife was the hidden force behind his success.

Someone may get a certain job position, have a certain amount of money or build up a certain status and then all of sudden forgot where they came from. What’s important to remember, is behind every successful person is someone by their side who has experienced every defeat, felt the suffering, experienced the struggle, known the loss, and still found the strength to stick around. Don’t forget that person who helped you get there, because if you don’t appreciate that person they may not be around tomorrow. And you may just find out that they’re a much bigger part of your success than you even realize.

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2 Comments for "CEO Talks Down To Janitor, Wife Teaches Him A Lesson"

  • Shronda

    I have to share this with someone who just experienced this same thing! People are forgetting it all-Come to OC in Newport we need to do an event! ???????

    Posted May 2nd
  • Lee Ham

    This is another video I enjoyed to watch. Sir you do it all the time. Alot of people forget where they come from. My wife now had told me when she first met me that I acted stuck up. She is a big impact on who I am today. Thank you again for your videos because I can relate to them.

    Posted Apr 14th

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