Bride Refuses To Walk Down Aisle, What Happens Next Will Shock You


Even when loved ones are gone, they’re always still with you.

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Bride Refuses To Walk Down Aisle, What Happens Next Will Shock You
Bride Refuses To Walk Down Aisle, What Happens Next Will Shock You

Even when loved ones are gone, they're always still with you.

6 Comments for "Bride Refuses To Walk Down Aisle, What Happens Next Will Shock You"

  • Lil Bit

    Teary-eyed video I’m a daddy’s girl and I just couldn’t imagine not having him there by my side.This one really hit home.God bless you and your family.Thanks

    Posted May 18th
  • Waveney Kadir

    May God bless u and ur family and keep you safe always.

    Posted Mar 29th
  • Deborah Allender

    May God continue to bless you and your wife and your soon-to-be little angel will be on this Earth a few months from now. God bless you . praying for you that God will just give you the strength 2 keep moving forward sharing your story.

    Posted Feb 24th
  • Trashell Washington

    I thank you so much. All the joy you bring to me. I wish. Everyone listens to your stories and just because I’ve had major heart attacks. And just because the cancer is going crazy. I love the way you You stories? Your family Lift Me Up Thank you so much.

    Posted Feb 6th
  • Cynthia Tarver

    Your videos are very inspiring and give many life’s lessons. I’m happy that you’re in Los Angeles where I was born raised and worked. Keep up the good work. I think that I’m following you on all social networks and really enjoy your content.

    Posted Feb 6th
  • Earnestine Barrow

    Dhar I tried to go to Ur page like me U said yesterday but something happened and my phone locked me out!! They said someone had hack d my phone!!! I’ve really missed Ur Videos!!!! Stay blessed and cont to send out these amazing videos!!! How is my GOD child doing??? Hahaha I’ve placed myself as a GOD mother !!!????????????

    Posted Jan 31st

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