Before You Ignore Someone


One small act of kindness can spread across the world ❤️

According to a recent study researchers have shown that even the smallest acts of kindness can be highly contagious. When we act kindly towards someone that person becomes much more likely to become kinder towards those around them. It can be as simple as holding the elevator for someone in a rush, opening a car door for someone having a tough time, helping someone pick up after a spill or giving someone extra change that’s in need. Even if one person can’t change the world they can definitely change the world for someone. And if that person gets inspired to do the same, well it can keep going and going and going.

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2 Comments for "Before You Ignore Someone"

  • Mary Canty

    I love your videos they are very inspiring!!!

    Posted Oct 1st
  • Pankaj singh


    Posted Jun 15th

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