Before You Don’t Trust Someone


Have you ever built up walls because someone broke your trust? When someone breaks our trust it’s a devastating experience. Being lied to is one of the worst feelings next to heartbreak. The problem is, if we’re not careful, those walls can not only keep the bad people out, but the good ones too.

We can very quickly start to develop habits that we think are protecting us, but in reality they might be damaging us. They prevent us from having deeper relationships and can make us miss out on a lot of new ones as well. We should never let the pain of our past, rob us from the joy of our future. We shouldn’t let a few bad experiences change us. When someone breaks our trust it says everything about them and nothing about us. It’s unfortunate that there are bad people out there, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is bad. We should always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. In the end we’ll either have a great new relationship or a great new lesson. But we’ll never know unless we give it a chance.

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