Hi, I’m Dhar.

I’m a fearless entrepreneur with a lot of experience navigating the highest highs of success and the lowest lows of failure. (It pretty much comes with the territory.)

One minute I was living in a 4-story Hollywood Hills mansion with 9 exotic cars in the garage, and the next minute I was flat broke, carless and grateful to be sharing 300-square feet of living space with a friend.

Luckily, my breakthrough moments of reflection and understanding came right when I needed them most – while sleeping on a couch in a cramped studio apartment.That’s when I discovered having the right mindset is a critical component to achieving success. It is the single biggest reason why I was able to go from sleeping on a friend’s couch to running an 8-figure business in just 2 years.Through extraordinary circumstances and extreme highs and lows, I have learned one thing with absolute certainty: FAILURE IS NOT DEFEAT.

In fact, failure is just a step along the path to success.

Now I’m happy to share my experiences of turning failure into fortune to help people develop their own strong, healthy mindset that lets them achieve more success.

You CAN overcome fears, seize opportunities, conquer
challenges and live your life to the fullest.

All that’s required is the right mindset and persistent determination.