5 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together, Stay Together


Traveling together as a couple can strengthen a relationship. Not only is traveling an exciting and fun way to spend time with the person you love, but it’s also healthy for your relationship. Travel can make you stronger, happier and closer in the long run. What was the last vacation or quick getaway you took with your partner? Comment below!

So what are the reasons why couples should travel together? Studies have shown that couples who travel together are happier overall are more likely to share they share similar goals and desires. That’s because doing things together releases dopamine, which is the brain chemical associated with happiness. Traveling is new and exciting and you start to associate that excitement with your partner and your relationship.  You are more likely to see each other as their best friend. Most importantly it’s not about the sights you see, but the memories you create together!

Experiencing new things with your other half can really deepen a relationship. In this video you’ll find 5 reasons why couples who travel together stay together and have stronger relationships.  Below are the highlights:

You strengthen your relationship 00:06

You learn about your partner 00:49

You build teamwork 1:16

You create memories 1:46

You appreciate each other 2:11

Grab your partner and go! You’ll experience highs and lows and as a result, learn and grow more together. You will both return closer than ever before with new memories to reminisce on.

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  • dotwillis

    why does my husband yell at me and says some awfull things tells me to leave then want let me when I try to leave

    Posted Aug 5th

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